TOW THE BREAK-UP (A continuation)

Written by: Alex

Authors note: This is the second in a continuation of fanfics. I would like to say thanks to Kate for giving me feedback. That’s it and enjoy-


(Scene: Chandler, Joey and Ross’s-Everyone is there except Chandler, Monica and Ross)

Rachel: Ewww, Joey what is that smell it’s horrible.

Joey: Oh that’s would be Chandler or the duck (whispering) she’s got gas.

Phoebe: (Sniffing the air) Nope, definitely not the duck!! It can’t be Chandler, he’s not even here, stop making up stories, we know it was you Joey!!!

Joey: Eww Pheebs, I meant its Chandler’s room, he hasn’t opened the window in there in like months.

(They all go in there to see if he is right)

Joey: See?

Rachel: (peering round the room and noticing a bra on the floor) hey, hey, hey, looks like our Chandler has a little lady friend. Woo-hoo!

Joey: Oh yeah that’s probably Monica’s, (realizes what he just said) uuuuuuuhhhhhhhh I mean Monica would probably want a bra that size.

Phoebe: No, no Joey go back to what you said before!

Joey: Um, well I promised I wouldn’t tell.

Rachel: Promised who you wouldn’t tell what? Come on Joey you know you want to tell us.

Joey: Oh alright! Chandler and Monica have been sleeping together since London. (At this point Ross chooses to come through the door he hears this and runs into Chandler’s bedroom)

Ross: What??????


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Ross: That’s absolutely great, I couldn’t be happier for either of them!

Rachel and Phoebe: Me either!!

Joey: Wow I am so glad you reacted in this way, whew well that’s a load off!

(Chandler comes running up the stairs and goes into his apartment v. drunk, he stumbles in and lands on Ross)

Chandler: Ross, you tell your sister that she can go and kiss whoever she likes as long as its not me!!

(Monica enters)

Monica: Chandler, I swear I didn’t mean anything by it!

Chandler: Yeah I understand, kissing other guys is just part of your daily ritual. Which also includes cheating on your boyfriend.

(Rachel and Phoebe’s eyes widen and Ross and Joey just stand there looking gob smacked)

Monica: Uhh, well I haven’t slept with him.

Chandler: Ohhhhh, woo-hoo, oh wow Monica I am so happy for you, You haven’t slept with him yet, woo-hoo!!

Monica: It was only a couple of kisses

Chandler: Oh well if it was only a couple of kisses then its all right then isn’t it? Well, while you’re at it I might as well be too, (he turns around and kisses Rachel v. passionately and Rachel doesn’t move)

Ross: Dude!






(He stops and lets Rachel go)

Monica: (she has a very pained expression on her face) Chandler??

Chandler: Oh don’t worry Mon, (mimicking her) it was only a couple of kisses! (He snaps) A couple of kisses my ass Mon. I mean you of all people know what hell I go through with women and all you can do is go kiss someone else. Dammit Mon I can’t believe you would do this to me!!!! Now if you don’t mind I’d like you all to leave, except you (pointing at Rachel)

(Rachel looks scared and Monica looks worried)

(They all leave)

(Monica runs off down the hall; Joey, Phoebe and Ross are left in the hall)

Joey: wow, well I never expected that.

Phoebe: I wonder who it was?

Ross: Who what was?

Phoebe: The guy that she kissed!

Ross and Joey: Phoebe!

Phoebe: What! Oh right yeah, oh what a minute they’re talking!

(Scene: Chandler, Joey and Ross’s: Chandler and Rachel are there)

Chandler: Did you know?

Rachel: About what?

Chandler: Her and that guy.

Rachel: She may have mentioned that she was seeing someone.

Chandler: How could I have been so stupid Rach?

Rachel: You weren’t the stupid one, Monica was, for jeopardizing a relationship with someone like you.

Chandler: No offence, but I didn’t really mean that kiss, I just wanted to show Monica something.

Rachel: I know, come sit down with me.

(He does so)

Chandler: Ya mind if I go to sleep?

Rachel: Be my guest.

(Chandler flops down and falls asleep on her lap)

Rachel: Dammit!




(Scene: the next morning-They are all there except Chandler, Rachel and Monica)

Ross: Uh, where d’ya reckon Rach got to last night?

Joey: I don’t know what are you looking at me for?

Phoebe: We left her with Chandler, oh my god you don’t think?

(Monica enters from her bedroom)

Ross: Rachel slept with Chandler!! (Monica’s eyes go wide and she runs back into her bedroom) That’s preposterous.

Phoebe: We’ll se, we’ll see!


To be continued