A Script by Becci Wooster

The One With The Many Surprises Part 2

(Reminder from last week)

[Guy’s Apartment]

(Chandler and Pheobe)

Chandler - Someone called for him about an audition.

Phoebe - Did he get a call-back?

Chandler - Yeah.He’s gotta phone them back.

[Hotel Restaurant]

(Ross and Rachel)

(Ross is on his knees, with an open jewelry box. Inside is an engagement ring.)

Ross - Miss Green, I love you more than anything else and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Would you do me the honor of becoming my wife? I’ve booked a church here for tomorrow.

Rachel - Yes, Yes, Yes!

[Hotel Lobby]

(Ross and Rachel)

Rachel - Honey?

Ross - Yes?

Rachel - Um, I kinda got some news for you!

Ross - What?

Rachel - I’m…Well…..I’m pregnant!

Ross - Oh my god! You know I love you, right? (He kisses her and picks her up).


[Hotel Bedroom]

(Ross and Rachel)

Rachel - Today’s our wedding day!

Ross - Mmm. I can’t believe you agreed.

Rachel - Well how could I resist? After all, you are Monica’s geeky older brother! Ohmigod!

Ross - What?

Rachel - Did you tell Monica that we were getting married?

Ross - No. Only Joey.

Rachel - I only told Mom about the baby. Mon’s gonna kill us!

Ross - Calm down. We’ll call her this evening.

Rachel - Are we really gonna get married today?

Ross - Yes, we are.

Rachel - Well, we’d better get going. We don’t want to be late!

[Central Perk]

(Chandler and Phoebe)

Phoebe - So, did Joey phone about the part yet?

Chandler - He was phoning when I left.

Phoebe - I hope he goes to the call-back. Being in an NBC show would give him fame and fortune.

Chandler - Oh yes. The two things missing from that production of Pinocchio!

(Enter Joey)

(Looking glum, he walks over to the sofa, kisses Phoebe on the head and sits down beside her.)

Chandler - So, did-you-phone-that-chick, did-you-get-the-part, are-you-in-the-show, am-I-talking-too-loud? Ok. Slow down, Chandler!

Joey - They offered me the part. I turned it down.

Phoebe - You did what???

Joey - I turned the part down.

Chandler -What the…. Why the….What the…When the…..

Joey - The series was being filmed in California. I didn’t want to leave you guys.

Phoebe - Yeah, but you gave up your chance of fame.

Joey - You guys are better. I sleep with one and live with the other. What else could I want?

Chandler - I’d just like to make sure you were talking about me second.

Phoebe - You gave up the part so you could stay with us?

Joey - Yeah.

[A churchyard somewhere in New Orleans]

(Enter Ross and Rachel)

(They’ve just been married.)

Rachel - Oh my god! I’ve finally done it! I’ve become Mrs. without Daddy’s help!

Ross - You did it! Well done, Mrs.Geller.

Rachel - We’d better get back to New York. We’ve got two lots of news to tell our parents, my sister, Monica, Joey, Chandler, Phoebe…

Ross - ….Carol, Susan, Ben. Oh, and we have to tell Paulo!

Rachel - Come on! Let’s go, Mr.Geller.

Ross - OK, Mrs.Geller!

[Girl’s Apartment]

(Monica and Phoebe)

Monica - I’ve tried to get hold of them at the hotel, but apparently they left this morning.

Phoebe - What do you want them for?

Monica - Rachel’s doctor rang to say she had an appointment booked at the hospital for next week.

Phoebe - The hospital? What for?

Monica - I’ve no idea. They should be home soon, though.

[A car]

(Ross and Rachel)

Ross - Who should we tell first then?

Rachel - The guys. Maybe we should get them all together at Central Perk and tell them all at once. Later on, I’ll phone my Mom, then my Dad, then my sister. You’d better call your parents.

Ross - OK, honey. Here we are: home sweet home! Home at last!

Rachel - Oh! Then we’d better get the guys to Central Perk!

Commercial Break

[Central Perk]

(Monica, Phoebe, Rachel, Chandler, Joey and Ross)

Monica - What do you want? You come back from your holiday, announce you’ve got some news, then just sit there sipping at your coffees.

Rachel - Fine. We’ll tell you. But first you’ve gotta promise that you won’t be angry.

Monica - OK, I promise!

Ross - Monica, guys, whilst we were on holiday, I proposed to Rachel…..

Chandler - What???

Ross - …She accepted……

Monica - Oh my god!

Ross - …<Clearing his throat>We got married this morning…..

Phoebe - You did what???

Rachel - ……and I’m pregnant!

Monica - <Turning to Ross>And you didn’t tell me?

Joey - Hey, ease up on Ross. He wanted to keep it a surprise.

Chandler - You told Joey and you didn’t tell me?

Ross - I’m sorry guys. Mon, I couldn’t tell you about the baby. I only found out after I proposed.

Rachel - The only person I told was Mom. I had to tell Ross before you!

Monica - So now you’re married, you’ll be moving out. Then Ross’ll have two kids, you’ll have one and I’ll be all by myself!

Rachel - I’m sorry. Can’t you just be happy for us? I’m your best friend and Ross is your brother. We’ll need you help with the baby.

Monica - Thanks. (She and Rachel hug)

Phoebe - So you guys are husband and wife?

Ross - Yeah, I guess so.

Monica - Rachel - You’ve had two weddings and you haven’t invited me once!

Rachel - I know, but I couldn’t tell you about this one. I didn’t know about it.

Chandler - As much as I love to listen to Monica moan, I’d better go. I’ve gotta date!

Phoebe - Go Chandy!!!

Chandler - She’s called Yasmine, she’s gorgeous and she wears a red swimsuit.

Joey - I completely forgot Baywatch was on tonight!

[Girl’s Apartment]


(Rachel enters from her bedroom, carrying a box.)

Monica - Is that the last box?

Rachel - Yeah.

Monica - I’m sorry about the way I acted earlier. It’s just….<Starts to cry> I don’t want you to leave me.

Rachel - I can’t really live away from my boyfr…I mean husband…, can I? I’m only moving out to Ross’ place. You can still see me every day.

Monica - But it’s not the same.(Rachel hugs Monica)

(Enter Ross)

Ross - What? What are you doing? You shouldn’t be carrying those boxes whilst you’re pregnant!

Rachel - Ross!!! We only got married this morning and you’re already driving me crazy!

Monica - You’d better be off, then.

(Exit Monica and Ross)

(Rachel looks around the room, sighs and slowly shuts the door behind her.)

[Guys Apartment]

(All the gang)

Rachel - Bye then!

Joey - It won’t be the same without you, Rach.

Chandler - Yeah, but I’m glad you kids finally got your act together.

Monica - Here here!

Ross - OK, OK. How about we get going before you bring up everything that’s ever happened?

(The gang say goodbye)

(Exit Ross and Rachel)



[Monica’s Apartment]

(Monica, Rachel and Phoebe)

Monica - What do you think about becoming a member of the Geller family?

Rachel - Your Dad was happy for us. Your Mom took a while longer. Did she ever tell you the story about how your Nana Geller didn’t approve of her?

Monica - No?

Phoebe - Oh yeah, she told me!

Monica - Told you what?

Rachel - Did she tell you the part where Ross’ Mom and Mrs. Geller…..

(Phoebe and Rachel laugh hysterically)

Monica - What is so funny?

Phoebe- She must have told you.

Monica - Told me what?

Rachel - You must have heard the story.

(Monica rushes to the phone.)

Monica - ….Hey, Mom?…..