A Script be Becci Wooster

The One With Many Surprises Part 1

[Central Perk]

(Rachel, Chandler and Monica)

Rachel - So how was the date last night Monica? I didn’t hear you come in!

Chandler - A little musical duet, eh?

Monica - Get your minds out of the gutter! The date was a washout. He didn’t have enough money for the cinema tickets and then on the way home, his car broke down. I spent the night in a Motel.

Chandler - What a disappointment!

Monica - Why do you have blood on the front of your shirt?

Chandler - Oh! It’s nothing!!!

Monica - It’s not the……

Chandler - No, it’s nothing. Leave me alone!

Rachel- It’s not the return of the …

Rachel And Monica - The return of the dreaded third nipple?

Chandler - I went straight back to that guy and he lopped it off again.

Monica - Let us see!!!

Chandler - No, it’ll make you sick!

Monica - No it won’t!

Chandler - OK.(Shows them)

Rachel - Oh my God! I’m gonna be sick!(She runs off in the direction of the toilets.)

Chandler - Aaahhhhh! That’s better. Back to the normal reaction when women see my body!

[Guys Apartment]

(Ross and Joey)

Joey - I can’t believe that you’re gonna do it!

Ross - Well I am.We’ll do it this weekend whilst we’re on holiday. I’ll have to ask her first, of course.

Joey - Monica will be furious!

Ross - Yeah, but I’m sure she’ll eventually love the outcome.

Joey - Weel, I’m wishing you luck.

Ross - Thanks.You’re not to tell anyone about this, not even Chandler!

Joey - OK!

[Central Perk]

(Rachel and Gunther)

Gunther - Are you all right, Rachel? That’s the third time you’ve been sick and you’re still working an hour after your shift ended!

Rachel - (disorientated) Yeah…….Yeah…..Um, I’m fine……Stomach bug……Work over…Go home!…….See Ross……Ross!!!…..Um…… Bye……

Gunther - Bye!

[Guys Apartment]

(Joey and Phoebe)

Phoebe - Joey,how did the audition go?

Joey - It was terrible!!! I can’t believe I even tried! It was for a major role in a new sitcom NBC are making.

Phoebe - Wow! NBC!

Joey - It’s not that big a deal!

Phoebe - But it could be. I could be the girlfriend of NBC’s newest star!

Joey - You only want me for my fame!

Phoebe - No, that’s not quite it!

(Phoebe kisses him and they run to Joey’s bedroom)

[Girl’s Apartment]

[In their bathroom]


Rachel - OK. OK.(Reading from a piece of paper)If the tip of the wand goes red, I’m in trouble. If it goes blue, I’m OK! Come on blue, come on blue!(looks at wand,which we can’t see)Oh my God!!!

Commercial Break

[Girl’s Kitchen]


(On the phone)

Rachel - ….Hi Mom!!….I’m fine……Oh, I’m sorry….Well, I kinda got a problem…Yeah, it’s about Ross and me…..No, we’re still together….OK, here we go…..

(Enter Ross)

Ross - Hey,there you are! I’ve looked everywhere for you!

Rachel - Mom, I’ve gotta go. I’ll phone back later…..Bye!(hangs up phone) Um, hi honey!

Ross - How are you? Gunther said that you were ill.

Rachel - I’m OK now.

Ross - That’s good. You don’t have to go on holiday if you’re not well enough.

Rachel - No, Honey! I’ll be fine.

Ross - Good,’cause I’ve made some surprise arrangements.(Kisses her on the head)

[Boy’s Apartment]


(Phoebe enters from Joey’s bedroom)

Chandler - Well, Heeeelllllooooo!

Phoebe - Hi!

Chandler - Is my bud in?

Phoebe - Yeah, but he’s asleep.

Chandler - What? At four in the afternoon?

Phoebe - Yeah. He got really tired really quickly!

Chandler - A little bit more than I needed to know.

Phoebe - Sorry. What did you want him for?

Chandler - Someone called for him about an audition.

Phoebe - Did he get a call-back?

Chandler - Yeah. He’s gotta phone them back.

Phoebe - Good! He’ll be so pleased! Tell him I’ve gone. Bye!

Chandler - Bye!

[Girl’s Apartment]

(The whole gang)

Chandler - How long are you guys gonna be gone for?

Ross - Just the weekend.

Monica - I can’t believe you guys are going all the way to New Orleans for a weekend!

Joey - Well, it’s gotta be there!

Phoebe - Why?

Joey - …..because…..(Ross glares at him)

Rachel - Because what?

Ross - Look at the time! We’d better be going!

Rachel - OK. (They walk to the door) Wait a moment! (Runs to the bathroom)

Ross - Does anybody know what’s up with her?

Monica - No.

Phoebe - No.

(Enter Rachel)

Rachel - OK. Are we gonna go?

Ross - OK! Bye,everybody!

Rachel - Bye!

Joey - Good luck!

Phoebe - Bye!

Monica - Drive carefully!

Chandler - And don’t forget the seat belts!

[Hotel Restaurant]

(Ross and Rachel)

Ross - Are you sure that you’re all right?

Rachel - Yeah, I’m sure. Have you finished eating yet? I have.

Ross - Good. (He snaps his fingers and a waiter appears, playing a violin. Ross reaches into his pocket and pulls out a jewellery box. He drops onto his knees and opens the box. It’s an engagement ring, much bigger than he could ever afford.) Miss Green, I love you more than anything else and I want to spend my life with you. Would you do me the honour of becoming my wife? I’ve booked a church here for tomorrow.

Rachel - Oh my god! What did you just say?

Ross - Will you marry me, Rachel?

Rachel - (With tears in her eyes) Yes, Yes, Yes! (She pulls him up off the floor and kisses him. The restaurant gives them a standing ovation.)



[Hotel Lobby]

(Ross and Rachel)

Rachel - Honey?

Ross - Yes?

Rachel - Um, I kinda got some news for you!

Ross - What?

Rachel - I’m…well…..I’m pregnant!

Ross - Oh my god! You know I love you, right? (He kisses her and picks her up.)