The One With The Angels

by: Cathy

Monica gently sipped her latte, watching the assembled group of friends before her. They seemed happy twenty-somethings, with very few cares in the world. Then again, as she had quickly learned during her time on Earth, very few things were as they seemed.

"So, Angel-girl, what do you think?" Tess's rough voice interrrupted her thoughts. The older angel looked at the group also, but something in her expression told Monica that Tess saw something that she clearly did not. Tess' focus seemed to alternate between the tall, olive complected male and the blonde, lithe female of the group.

"I don't know, they seem happy enough." Monica shrugged her shoulders, putting her coffee down on the counter. Then it hit her, "yet that blonde girl, she looks very sad. Even though she's laughing, there's something in her eyes." Monica's voice trailed off, trying to see deeper shades of meaning into the woman's behavior. She was laughing and strumming her guitar, yet there was something artificial about her movements.

"Is the woman my assignment?"

"Yes, Miss Wings, they are all our assignments." Tess said this last statement gesturing to the far side of Central Perk. Although he was obscuring himself from the humans, Monica could clearly see Andrew.

"Andrew! What is he doing here?" Monica's voice revealed her panic. Although she and Andrew were quite friendly, and she enjoyed working with him as a fellow case worker, his official position as the Angel of Death made her nervous when he appeared suddenly. To see him around what appeared to her to be a lively group made her feel even worse.

"Believe me, Monica, there's more then enough work here for all of us."


"So, how did the audition go?" Chandler asked, absentmindedly turning the page of his newspaper. Joey had been excited about this audition all week, and now was grinning like a loon.

"Great, they said I was just the man to advertise kitty litter." Joey's face shone with pride.

"Ohhhkay." Chandler rolled his eyes and went back to his paper. "Not quite athlete's foot, but you'll get there."

"Well, I heard from my brother today." Phoebe announced, watching the caution on everyone's faces. Ever since she had given the triplets over to her brother, the group had been afraid to broach the subject unless she brought it up. "You know, you all don’t have to look at me that way!" she snapped, flinging her guitar off her lap and onto the floor. "I can talk about it! I did the right thing!"

Monica Geller leaned over and put her hands on Phoebe's shoulders to calm her. "Look, Pheebs, we're sorry. It's just that we don't want to upset you, honey." Phoebe shrugged Monica's hands off of her and stood up.

"Yeah, well, you are." With that Phoebe grabbed her guitar case and stormed out of the coffee shop.

"Well, that went well." Chandler remarked, watching Phoebe stalk out.

"I guess it's hard to give up something that you love." Monica replied, quickly averting her gaze from Chandler's. Although he was sure that the rest of the group hadn't caught it, there was a catch to Monica's voice that worried him.

"What's that supposed to mean?" he blurted out, momentarily forgetting the secrecy that surrounded their relationship.

"Nothing, nothing at all. Just worried about Phoebe. I mean, haven't any of you ever given up something that you loved even though it was going to hurt you more than anything?"

"No." Joey responded quickly, then muttered, "Unless you count my baseball card collection."

"I may regret this, but what happened to your baseball card collection?" Ross chimed in, pouring some sugar into his coffee.

"Well, you see, this kid Louie on my block always used to make fun of me. So, one day, while he was sitting playing with his baseball cards I came along and dropped soda on them. At first it felt really good, then I started to feel bad about it. So, I took my baseball card collection, and left it on his doorstep one day."

"Did he ever find out that it came from you?" Monica asked.

"I don't know, but he never made fun of me again."

"That's so sweet Joey." Monica gushed, smiling at him broadly.

"Yeah, well, what about you, Monica? Did you ever give up something you loved?" Joey asked, beaming at the praise much like a puppy would from his owner.

"What about Richard?" she said quickly. Richard, who she loved very much but left because she desperately wanted children and he did not. Little did she know how quickly she would be faced with another dilemma. She hadn't intended to become pregnant, and definitely not by Chandler. Hell, she had never even thought of him as a possible romantic interest until they had all gone to London. Slowly, their relationship, though conducted in secret, deepened. Monica had often joked that Chandler knew so much about her that it was like dating herself, yet she did not know how he would handle the news that he was going to be a father. Or was he? The idea of having an abortion seemed so attractive at points - Chandler would never have to know.

"Hello, Earth to Monica!" Chandler called out, snapping his fingers in front of her face. Monica gave a little half-smile, "Excuse me. Guess I just got a little lost in thought."

"Well, I'm currently giving up something that I love right now - Rachel." Ross muttered. As if on cue, Rachel entered the coffee shop. Ross's reaction on the entrance of the brunette woman was not lost on the angel Monica.

"Is this his sadness, Tess?" Monica asked. The older angel smiled.

"Yes indeed Angel-girl. You see, Ross loves this woman, and yet took a vow before God to marry another."

"Oh, how horrible. Yet if they love each other there must be a way…."Monica began when Tess waved her off.

"Monica, there is always a way with God, but when pride and other fool-headed emotions become involved, the outcome is anyone's guess. Now, it's time for us to get to work."


Phoebe walked towards her job, trying to focus herself. If she lost focus, she couldn't be that good a masseuse. Trying deep breathing, she thought about her outburst at Central Perk. They really didn't mean to hurt her, she knew. But it did anyway. Without thinking her hand raised to her flat stomach. Not too long ago, three little people shared this space with her. Now, she was alone. At first she thought that this arrangement would be fine with her, until she realized how on edge Alice was whenever she was with the babies. Giving them up was one thing, loosing even the close aunt- nephew/niece relationship she had envisioned with them was a total stab in the heart.

As she entered her workplace and looked at her appointment book, she noticed the name Monica written in where Mr. Manfredo normally was. For a moment she thought that maybe it was her friend Monica, yet looking at the clock she knew Monica was probably working at her restaurant. Good old reliable Monica. She'd never let anything like this happen to her. Perhaps Mr. Manfredo found another masseuse? Ah, well, Phoebe thought happily. She could definitely do without another view of the elderly gentleman's backside.

"Excuse me, I'm here for an appointment?" Monica walked in, giving a small smile.

"Oh wow! Cool accent. Where you from?" Phoebe asked, tapping the massage table with her hand. Monica obediently jumped up.

"Oh, I don’t think you would know it. It's not far from Ireland though…" Monica said quickly.

"New in town?"

"You could say that. Actually, I'm looking for a place to stay. Do you know of any good places?"

"Well, the local Y, but you wouldn't like that. Actually, my friends Monica and Rachel are looking for a new roommate. Rent went up, doesn't that suck?"

Monica held back the instinct to ask what "suck" meant in this case.

"Oh, that would be wonderful. I'm not sure I could afford the rent on these apartments on my own."

"Well, I'll take you to meet them if you'd like. What do you do?"

"Oh…I guess you could say that I'm a social worker."

"Oh good, then maybe you could fix Chandler." Phoebe said brightly. There was something about Monica that she liked. She couldn't put her finger on it, yet there was something quite spiritual about her.

"Do you mind if I tell you something really strange?" Phoebe started, noticing the way that Monica relaxed during the massage. "Your aura is not a normal human color."

Monica giggled, "Oh really, what does it say that I am?"

Phoebe stopped and tried to remember. "Well, its white, so that means you probably aren't human. Wait!" Phoebe sprung away. "But if it's white you're a good spirit."

Monica turned her head in amazement, "You mean…. you can see my light!"

"Sure," Phoebe said matter-of-factly.

"Then, you know what I am?" Monica's head reeled. She knew all about human-encounter protocol, but this was a new field to her.

"You're……" Phoebe began, then awe filled her voice as she realized the import of her words. "an angel."

Monica smiled brightly, and as she did, her glow filled the room with a piercing white light. "Yes, Phoebe, I am an angel sent by God,"

"God..sent me an angel?" Phoebe said with wonder. "Oh no, I forgot my manners, coffee? Herbal tea?"

"Wait Phoebe, I wasn't sent here for you to serve me. I am here to give you a message. God loves you, and thinks that what you did for your brother and sister-in-law is a wonderful thing. You should never regret it, no matter how things turn out."

Phoebe felt tears fill her eyes, "But Alice gets mad when I'm near them."

"That is because Alice is human. But Alice is a good woman, and eventually it will all work out the way you dream of. The six of you together on holidays. You, being cool aunt Phoebe. And then, you'll one day bring a husband and children of your own to these gatherings. Just have faith that God will help you through this time. Remember, in a way the three of you played God, and when people do that things become much more complicated."

Phoebe looked at Monica, confused, "You can't lie, right?"

Monica gave a small smile, "Free will gives us the ability to do what we would like. Yes, I could lie. But I won't. How could I embellish upon a message as beautiful as God's love?"

Phoebe started to cry, "But I feel so lonely." Monica took Phoebe in her arms and hugged her.

"Close your eyes Phoebe, and who do you feel with you?"

"I feel a bright, warm, thing…"

"That's God with you - you just have to reach out for Him and He will not leave you."

"And, Miss Buffey, God is not through with you yet." Tess entered, shining and confident.

"Is this…" Phoebe pointed, her eyes wide open in disbelief.

"Yes, I am, and my name is Tess. You see Miss Buffey, God gave you a very powerful gift."

"My music?" Phoebe asked brightly. Monica held in a chuckle when she noticed Tess stiffen. They had all been "treated" to one of Phoebe's performances while doing field research at Central Perk. To say that Tess was unimpressed was an understatement.

"I'll forget you said that…Now, you can see us for what we truly are, and we're going to need your help. You see, you're not the only one of your friends who needs our help. Since you can see us and, most importantly, understand us, you could be…"

Tess' speech was interrupted by a sudden scream from Phoebe. Tess and Monica turned, only to see Andrew.

"I know you…I saw you…." Phoebe suddenly became wild, throwing bottles of oil at the vision before her. His face was so familiar. More his aura then his face. She had felt it in the weeks before her mother's suicide.

"Yes Phoebe, I was there when your mother died. She felt no pain, and is now in a beautiful place surrounded by God's love."

"You are the Angel of Death," she said this as an angry accusation, then suddenly her anger subsided, "but you are not here for someone right now." Phoebe looked at Andrew, and he suddenly had the funny feeling that this human woman could see through him.

"As I was saying, your gift could help us help your friends. Do you want to do that?"

Phoebe felt numb, and then nodded. All of these heavenly beings were overpowering her sensors, making it impossible for her to sense anything else.

"Good, now here's the plan…"


Monica kicked off her shoes and rested for a moment in her apartment. She had to start making dinner for the group in a few minutes, yet the very thought of food cooking made her stomach lurch. Pulling the paper from the doctor's office, she scanned it hoping to find some mistake. None. The word "POSITIVE" glared out at her.

"Monica?" As she heard Chandler's voice she quickly placed the paper in a book on the coffee table.

"Hey! What's up?" she tried to cover her nervousness, but one of the frustrating things about dating someone who was your friend for years is that they can read you. Chandler noticed her nervous "hands through hair" routine and saw right through her.

"Look, Monica. I want to know what's going on. You've been acting crazy since Tuesday." Chandler's eyes and voice were so sympathetic that Monica was tempted to tell him, but quickly pushed that thought away.

"Nothing is wrong, absolutely nothing!" she realized that she shouted after the words were out of her mouth. Quickly she ran to the kitchen and started pulling the meat out of the refrigerator. She wanted to make a stir-fry, and right now chopping something seemed like an excellent idea. If she had known that her nerves would make her look more like the villain in a slasher movie, she may have had second thoughts .

"Hey, c'mon." Chandler gently took the cleaver out of her hands and took her in her arms. "I'm not good with this stuff. But I care a lot about you Monica and I don't want to…"

"Hello everyone…" Phoebe's voice rang out, behind her stood Monica (the angel), and Andrew,. "Look who I found, my cousin Monica and her boyfriend Andrew."

"Okay, this shouldn't get confusing!" Chandler remarked, looking down on the counter the whole time. Although he and Monica had sprung away from each other, and Phoebe wasn't exactly the most observant person, he still felt rattled. Normally, Monica could tell him everything. Now, there were things going on in that head of hers that he just couldn't figure out. He had never wanted to fall in love with her, but now he knew he was. Just as that realization hit him, he was as far from her as ever.

"Hello. Nice to meet you." Monica gave a quick smile. Andrew shook Chandler's hand and looked at him with a studious interest. She fought the urge to ask Andrew if Chandler was his assignment.

"Well, why don’t you all stay for dinner?" Monica asked, trying to act cheery.

"Oh, no. We couldn't possibly impose like that. Yet Phoebe told me there's a place where you all go for coffee. I just love a good cup of coffee." Monica gave such a winning smile that the other Monica could not refuse. Besides, the plan she and Chandler had was to meet alone after everyone had left. Phoebe's cousin gave her the perfect excuse not to face him privately, something she really did not have the strength to do right now.

"Well, dinner is no imposition. I insist. Phoebe may have told you that I am a professional chef." Monica returned to chopping up her meat.

"Oh, yes, we thank you for the invitation. Listen, how much time do we have before dinner?' Monica asked, looking at her watch.

"About an hour, why?"

"Well, we rented a movie last night and I forgot to return it. Do you have a Blockbuster near here?"

Chandler chuckled. Now he knew how Phoebe and this Monica were related. "While they're very hard to find in the city I think I can direct you to one. Anyone else want to come? Pheebs? Andrew?"

"I'll come." Phoebe practically sang. Chandler raised his eyebrows at her change of mood from this morning, but said nothing.

"No thanks. I've never been able to cook and I want to learn how it is done. Probably the only chance I'll get to see a professional at work." Andrew answered, hoping that no one else caught the thumbs up sign that Phoebe held up to him.

When the three had left, Andrew tried to engage Monica in a conversation.

"So, you've been cooking for a long time?"

Monica chuckled, "Yes, about since I was six. I've been a full-fledged chef for about six years now. What do you do?" she asked this question, hoping that this visitor would not notice that the sight of the bloody meat was turning her green.

"Well, I guess you could say that I'm a counselor." Phoebe had told him to use that line since most New Yorkers were, according to her, in some type of therapy.

"Oh really, what kind of counseling?"

Andrew had not been prepared for this question. "I guess you could say,um, bereavement therapy, but I do occasionally branch out into other areas. Hey, are you okay?"

He was answered by the sight of Monica running for the bathroom. From the sounds behind the door, it was clear that the woman was sick to her stomach. After she washed up, Monica feebly fumbled for the door.

"What's wrong?" Andrew inquired, looking at the woman intently. Monica began to make up an excuse, but she was too weak to lie. Besides, she needed to talk to someone, and for some reason this stranger was very comforting.

"Yes, I was."

"Are you okay now?" His question was so simple, and yet Monica realized that the answer was quite complicated.

"No, and I don't think I'm going to be okay for quite awhile," she smiled ruefully,"You see, I've gotten myself into one hell of a mess!"

"What do you mean? Are you…?" Andrew made an indefinite gesture, filling in the word that Monica did not want to say.

"Yup. Three weeks worth. But please, no one knows." Monica briefly wondered how wise it was to share this information with Andrew, yet something in her instinctively trusted him.

"Well, you're not the only one who 'got you into this mess'. What about the father? Does he know?"

Monica answered his question with a shake of her head. She considered telling him who the father was, but then decided against it.

"Monica, why are you hiding your pregnancy?" Andrew's question was so simple and direct that she found she could not make up an answer.

"I am afraid of what the father, I mean how the father might…"

"React? Listen Monica, you don’t know what's going to happen until you tell him. Monica, God loves you and does not want to see you go through the suffering. The man, is he still around?"

"Yes,…and in a way no. I can't tell him, since I'm not sure how serious he takes our relationship - or anything for that matter!"

Andrew gave a small smile. From that last remark, this wasn't such a difficult puzzle to put together. "The father wouldn't happen to be your friend Chandler, would he?"

Monica opened her eyes wide. "How did you know?"

"Well, it wasn't so hard. The man looked very concerned about you, and let me just say that you didn't break away from each other fast enough."

Monica chuckled sadly, " I guess we haven't done much right together, have we?"

"Listen, whatever you two have done together, God has decided to bless you both with a child. Whatever you do now, he has to know. Would you like to take a walk and think about it?"

Monica gave a weak nod of her head. "I don't know what I need right now. I mean, an abortion would just make it all so simple, y'know? No problems, no pain, no awkwardness…"Monica's words were cut off by the glowing of Andrew.

"But God knows you would not be happy that way, Monica. In your heart, you love that baby already. Don't let fear deprive you of the motherhood that you so want."

Monica, in shock, sat on the couch. "You're an……"


"Oh my. You know I'm Jewish, right?"

Andrew smirked and nodded his head. Some people were too awestruck to talk when they appeared, and yet some began to babble. This woman obviously fell into the latter category.

"How about that walk?"

Monica, not knowing what else to do, followed Andrew out the door.


"Here are your samples, Dr. Geller." Tess handed the specimen cases to Ross, who looked lost in thought. She noticed that his focus of attention was on his left-hand. On it, there was a beautiful gold wedding band.

"Hello, Dr.Geller. While you have a lovely wedding ring you did say you needed these samples?" Tess spoke to him in the teasing tone of a mother hen. Ross smiled at the woman. Although he had only known her a short time, the mothering was something that he enjoyed, especially now.

"Your wife is a lucky woman if you daydream about her so much!" Tess chuckled, writing something in a report folder.

"Yeah, maybe. When she comes in from England I'll let you know."

"From England? Is that where she's from?" Tess inquired innocently. She couldn't tell that she had seen the wedding as preparation for her case work.

"Yes. Listen, did you find those bones I needed?"

"Yes I did, right where I told you that I found them about four times already!" Although this sarcasm would have angered Ross with any other co-worker, Tess' smile was so engaging that he couldn't find the heart to get mad at her.

"Sorry, guess I'm a little preoccupied."

"Oh, woman trouble?" Ross laughed, "Is it that obvious?"

Tess gave a sympathetic nod and walked over to him. "Maybe your trouble wouldn’t be so bad if you were honest with yourself?"

"What's that supposed to mean?" Ross' brows furrowed, trying to understand the import of Tess' words. Honest with himself. That was what got him into trouble the last time.

"Well, why didn’t your wife join you as soon as you two were married?"

Ross gulped. What the hell? He thought, working around here she's going to find out anyway. Besides, Ross sensed in this woman a true sympathetic nature.

"Well, while I was at the altar I kind of said the wrong name…" Ross looked at Tess, waiting for the speech that normally followed when he made that confession.

"Did you ever think that maybe you said the right one?" Tess queried. She knew she had to be delicate, yet this man seemed to need to be hit over the head.

Ross looked at her in shock. Say the right name? If only she knew about everything he and Rachel had been through. The fights. Chloe. "The break," etc.

"I see what you're thinking right now young man. And what you’re thinking about is your pride. You know, one of the seven deadly sins? And I'm assuming one of the things the lady you are in love with is also thinking about the same thing. Pride is what got the two of you in this mess!"

Ross, suddenly, became annoyed. "Hey, what do you think you are, some kind of advising angel!"

"You'd be surprised. Funny though, I don't hear you telling me that I'm wrong."

Ross started to speak, and then stopped. Suddenly he saw what happened through Tess' lens, and it all became clear.

"The only way you're going to solve this dilemma, whether you stay with the other girl or your wife, is to put aside your pride and listen to what God has to say. He'll push you in the right direction, but first you've got to get rid of all that excess baggage you've been carrying around. Take it, and all the other pain you've had in your life and let it go, and you'll see how God will guide you. And once he does, you'll find that you'll stop feeling confused and leading yourself and everyone else onto the path of pain."

Ross felt the warm tears coming down his face. "Rachel was someone that I wanted since the ninth grade. When I had her, I felt all that pain and being gawky, and inferior to others go away. When I lost her, it was like all those insecurities came back. But Emily…. Emily made me feel alive again. She was so different, and so loving, and gentle. God, I miss her!"

"Then go to her! Now! Don't wait for her to come. Right now Emily is an ideal, she can't frustrate you or get you mad like a woman here. For you to know what is right you must go to her and try to straighten things out. Maybe she is the one and maybe she's not. But you must choose without thinking about how things are going to look to other people. So, what are you waiting for? Skat!"

Ross smiled at her , grabbed his briefcase, and ran out of the museum. Tess' smile became broader and broader. Finally, she thought, I got the easy one!


"Well, back from the Blockbuster safari." Chandler walked back into the apartment, obviously annoyed. Phoebe had misdirected him at every turn, and now what should have been a fifteen minute trip had become nearly forty-five minutes.

Chandler looked around the apartment, only to find Joey reclining on the chair, leafing through a book.

"Are you sure it's safe to let you operate that thing?" Chandler asked, "Hey, where's.."

"Monica isn't here. I dunno. I think maybe she's taking classes and isn't telling us." Joey said the last part with a conspiratorial grin.

Phoebe cocked her head to the side. "What makes you say that? Oh, before I forget, this is my cousin Monica."

Joey smiled at the attractive red-head before him, then continued on. "Look, I found a test paper hidden in this book." Joey took out the folded paper and handed it to Chandler.

"Ah, Joey, this is not a test paper…um, suddenly I don't feel so good." Chandler suddenly became nervous.

"What do you mean? It says results: POSITITVE. Hey, at least she's doing well." Joey stopped for a minute, then realized what he had said.

"Oh my God! Oh my God!" Phoebe started running around, frantically opening the windows, "MONICA! MONICA!"

"Phoebe, will you please! She's not Lassie!" Chandler yelled, frantically looking at the paper. Now, he knew why Monica had acted so strangely. Yet, why couldn't she tell him?

"If I may have a look at this?" Monica's brogue broke into Chandler's thoughts. "Perhaps where she had the test done is where she has gone now."

"But why if….." Chandler looked down at the paper again. The letterhead stated, "Woman's Health Center."

"No!" Chandler cried out, running out the door.

Joey made a move to follow, but Monica intercepted him. "No, Joey, he must go alone."

"But why? We're all friends." Joey's face seemed so forlorn, that Monica instantly felt sorry for him.

"Joey, sometimes people must be alone to finish what they started."

"Wait a minute - you mean that…." Phoebe's eyes went wide at the idea. Chandler and Monica. "Oh, God. That baby won't have a functional nerve in its body!"

"Oh God!" Joey exclaimed also, and then stopped. "I know Monica can be a little neurotic but what about the father?"

Monica went to say something when Phoebe put her hand up. "Look, could he maybe be the next miracle?'

"Miracle? What do you mean miracle?" Joey asked, looking at Monica attentively.

"Joey, Monica is an angel." Phoebe replied, waiting for his reaction.

"No, angels have wings. Wait a minute, take off your coat." With this Joey sprung up and tried to remove Monica's overcoat.

"Joey, Joey..I don't have wings!"

Joey looked confused. "Could you turn water into wine?"

"No, I'm afraid not. But here, maybe this will convince you." Monica began to illuminate, and Joey felt his knees knock.

"Wait a minute…Oh no! I'm damned! I'm SO damned!" Joey began to wail.

"Joey, calm down! Why would you be damned?" Phoebe asked, trying to get her friend off the floor. Monica looked at the man, completely confused.

"I fantasized about having sex with an angel!"


Chandler walked into the building asking for a Monica Geller, and was told that she was not there. The thought that she could have gone to any of a thousand places hit him, and he felt a pain in his stomach.

"Damn, how could I have been so stupid!" Chandler said out loud, sitting on the pavement outside of the clinic and hitting himself on the head.

"You weren't stupid, Chandler. I was." Monica's voice cut into his thoughts, making him look up. Next to her was the man identified as Andrew.

"I guess you know now." She said, sitting next to him.

"Yeah, I do. Damn it Mon, why didn't you tell me?" Chandler took her hands and looked at her. Quickly, she looked down.

"Chandler, I don't know. I guess I was scared. I wasn't sure how you'd take it. Tonight I almost went for an abortion, but Andrew over here stopped me." She gestured to Andrew, only to find the fair-haired angel gone.

"Have you decided what you want to do?" Chandler asked, his voice an anxious whisper.

"Well, I …I can't get rid of our baby. It's not like we didn't know what could happen. Besides, the thought of me carrying your child," she patted her stomach, "I don't know. It makes me happy."

Chandler gave a relieved breath and smiled, "Really?"

"Yes, also a little frightened. I need your help Chandler."

Chandler draped his arm over her shoulder and pulled her to him. "That Andrew talked you out of the abortion?"

"Yes, he said that I should at least give you chance to react before I did anything I didn't want to do."

"That guy is an angel." Monica chuckled, "You don't know the half of it!"



"So, are we all ready?" Monica asked, putting out her Menorah. Chandler was holding little Maggie, watching the scene in front of him. Something in motherhood seemed to make Monica a little more religious, and Chandler had to admit that he was enjoying it.

"You know, its fun celebrating holidays that will summon no memories of my parents."

Monica laughed, "Well, my WASP, there's a Christmas tree in the corner before you start complaining." Maggie let out a chuckle and started to reach for the candles.

"Woah! Not for you!" Chandler admonished his daughter, putting her out of reach of the whole thing.

"Is Ross coming over?"

"Later, he and Rachel had to go for their license."

"Ah, and Joey?"

The question was answered by a knock at the door. Monica opened the door to find Joey in a Santa Claus suit, but instead of the traditional cap he had on a yarmulke. Next to him was Phoebe, in a blue and white elf suit with a Star of David on the sash.

"Hmmm…Did you crash land in "Assimilated Jews R US?" Chandler asked, stroking his chin with his fingers?

"Well, for Christmas I'm going to dress up as Santa Claus for Maggie. I figured it would be nice to do something for Hanukkah."

"And this was your idea?"

"No, actually I wanted to wear a blue and white suit, but when I couldn't find one Phoebe suggested this one…"

Monica came up behind Chandler and smacked him on the arm. "Stop. I think it was very sweet of you."

"Aww..thanks. Now, where's my niece?"

Joey picked up the baby and smiled at her. "Hey sweetie, Uncle Joey's here…"

"And so is Uncle Ross and Aunt Rachel…" Ross and Rachel smiled as they walked through the door, Rachel waving the marriage license in her hand.

"Seven more days.."Phoebe sing-songed to them. "And I'm writing a song just for the occasion."

Monica and Chandler exchanged glances, remembering their own wedding. Rachel patted Phoebe on the shoulder, "Oh sweetie, don’t you worry about it. Besides, I think the Geller's are still recovering from the last one."

"Oh, well. No one told me I shouldn't mention that Monica was pregnant."

"No one thought you would write a ten minute ballad about it, either." Monica smirked, taking Maggie from Joey and holding her in her arms.

"Ah, well, hey. It was better than that fifty year old guy in spandex singing "Everybody Wang Chung tonight." Phoebe retorted, grabbing some cookies that Monica had put out.

"That was from her side of the family."Chandler said, pointing at Monica.

"Okay, what about the cross-dresser who wore a white dress bigger than mine?" Chandler shrugged his shoulder, "Should I have told my father that he couldn't bring a few friends?

Ross gestured them all to silence. "Okay guys. Sundown, It’s lighting time."

"Wait, I'll do it. One of my friends at the acting studio taught me the traditional thing to say." Joey said, picking up the center candle.

"Oh, Joey, that is soo sweet," Rachel enthused. Then she looked around. All of them happy and finally content. Whoever this Tess, Monica, and Andrew were, they had to have been angels.

Joey opened his mouth and intoned the proper "Baruch ga toa a doni alahenu….Put on your yarmulke, it's time for Hanukkah…" he began to sing off key. All the others just looked at each other, smiled, and began to sing along.

"Let me take a wild guess, being a WASP as you put it. This is NOT the traditional way" Chandler smiled, putting his arm around his wife and daughter.

"Yeah, well, traditions are made to change."

Happy Holidays everyone!!!!!