Written by: Jeniffer

This fanfic is located in the seventh season, where Phoebe, Monica, and Chandler are at one apartment and Rachel and Joey are in the other; Ross of course is still at his own apartment.

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Disclaimer: This fanfic script is based on the characters and settings of the TV show "Friends", which is the property of Warner Bros. and Bright Kauffman Crane Productions, Their use is not intended for profit, only for entertainment." J


[SCENE: Central Perk Café Joey and Phoebe are playing a game with some rocks]

Phoebe: Ok, it’s your turn

Joey: So, let me see if I understood I have to put the rocks in the sack, shake them and try to get a blue one???

Phoebe: Yeah, but remember don’t get the red ones

Joey: Why not?

Phoebe: I just don’t like that color

Joey: (Joey moves his head agreeing with Phoebe) Yeah I know…

[Monica and Chandler enters, Joey is trying to get a blue rock, but he gets a red one]

Joey: Oh…Damn…

Monica: What are you playing??

Phoebe: We are playing, "Get the blue rock"

Chandler: (Sarcastically) let me guess, you have to get a blue rock??

Joey: Yeah! Have you played before???

Chandler: (Gives Joey a "please get what I said" look) Anyway have you seen Rachel ??, She told us she have important news and we were supposed to met here.

Phoebe: No but she said the same to us.

Monica: What could it be??

Joey: Maybe she is gonna make a movie!!

Chandler: What?!

Joey: No, wait that would be an important notice from me…

[Ross enters]

Ross: Hi guys , have you seen Rachel?? She told me she wanted to talk with me.

Phoebe: No, but we are waiting her too.

[Rachel enters, and everyone is kind of suspicious about her news]

Ross: So Rach, why did you wanted to met us here?

Rachel: Well, I had a promotion from job…

Everyone: That’s great!

Rachel: Wait, wait wait, its not so "happy" as it seems to be…

Monica: What’s wrong then?

Rachel: The job is in Canada

[Everyone has a shock expression]

Ross: But, you are not going to take it (looks Rachel’s eyes)…are you?

Rachel: Well, I don’t know guys, I mean if I take it I would have a great salary.

Phoebe: Yeah , but what about us? We are your friends.

Rachel: I know…I know… that is what makes it so hard…

Chandler: So what are you going to do?

Rachel: I don’t know…(one tear comes down her face) I just need to have your support…

Everyone: Of course…


[Scene: Central Perk: Everyone but Rachel is there.]

Joey: Do you think Rachel is going to leave us?

Ross: I don’t know I mean is a HUGE step for her career.

Phoebe: But if she leaves we won’t see her anymore

Monica: Don’t be silly. Even if she moves to Canada we would see her on vacation breaks or Thanksgiving.

Joey: But what if she makes a new group of friends over there?!

Chandler: What are you saying? You are not gonna to let her have friends?

Joey: What if she finds another Joey? I mean there can’t be another Joey.

Phoebe: Not for me…(She realizes that everyone heard that) …damn it…

Chandler: Ok kids let just be objective , if Rachel decides to leave we would be supportive, and we won’t say anything to make her stay her….

Monica: I don’t like that you know?

Ross: No one does…Oh I hate this feeling, it’s the same one I had when Emily said I couldn’t see Rachel anymore…

Phoebe: Let’s just wait and see what happens.

[Rachel’s Office: She is sitting on her desk looking to the contract for the new job]

Rachel’s thoughts: What am I gonna do?

[Se opens a drawer from the desk and takes out a notebook]

Rachel’s thoughts: Ok.. let’s make a list with all the good and bad thing about the job…(She is about to start writing but then she stops)Oh, my god, I am making the same thing Ross did when he was with Julie!!, Well but this is a different case, I mean jobs don’t have feelings, they are not even a person, so it is reasonable…oh but when he was with that Julie…that manipulative bitch…

[Tag enters and interrupts her thoughts]

Tag: Am I interrupting?

Rachel: Oh… no no, I was just…I was just…making a note (she writes on the paper: "This is a note")…see?

Tag: Are you ok?

Rachel: No…

Tag: What’s wrong?

Rachel: I just have this really though decision to made.

Tag: Look I don’t know what is your decision about, but let me tell you something…when I don’t know what to do , I go with my friends, and tell them my problem and the best thing is that even if they know I won’t like their suggestion, they tell me the truth…anyway… just follow your instincts they would tell you what to do…

Rachel: You know what… I think better now, thanks Tag…

Tag: Anytime…

[Scene: J & R apartment Joey is playing Play Station, Phoebe enters]

Joey: Hey! What’s up Pheebs?

Phoebe: Is Rachel here?

Joey: No, but I think she hasn’t started packing yet, so…that could be a good sign right?…right?

Phoebe: I don’t know, I mean she can leave anytime.

Joey: That can’t be good…[The chick and the duck enters]Hey guys!

Hey, Pheeb’s, do you want to playwith the guys?

Phoebe: Yup, Ok, so let’s hid the crackers

Joey: I want the Chick!

Phoebe: That leaves me with the duck

[They are about to hid the crackers, but one cracker falls and both of them try to reach it, the end up with their hands together, they look each other in the eyes and then Joey leaves the cracker to put his hand on Phoebe’s back, then they start to kiss…after a long passionate kiss, they look each other, and Phoebe is about to say something , but Joey looks her and put his finger on her mouth and then they kiss again…they are kissing when Rachel enters, but of course they are too busy kissing to notice she enters, but she just stares at them, smiles and leaves]

[Scene: Central Perk: After seeing Joey and Phoebe kissing she is alone in the couch drinking her cup of coffee]

Rachel’s thoughts: Wow…Joey and Phoebe, who would thought that…(Thinks a little bit more)well I did…

[Ross enters]

Ross: Hey Rach, what’s up?

Rachel: Well , you know…too many news for one day…

Ross: …like…?

Rachel: Well, I found ten bucks under a tree …I have decided not to move… Joey and Phoebe were kissing…

Ross: What?!

Rachel: Yeah…they were kissing a long kiss, I entered and they don’t even noticed me…

Ross: Huh?… No!… You are staying? You are not going to move?

Rachel: Oh yeah that…No I decided that if having the people I love around me will cost me that…I think I can do that.

Ross: Wow! That’s the greatest new ever!

[They hug]

Ross: So… Joey and Phoebe kissed…

Rachel: Yeah I’m telling you that really was a kiss.

Ross: I bet our kisses were better…

Rachel: I don’t know…

Ross: Are you doubting of our kissing skills?

Rachel…well you know…it was Joey…and…you know…

Ross: Whoa…are you saying HE can beat us?

Rachel: I’m not sure…

Ross: Let me prove you are so wrong…

[Ross gets closer to Rachel and they start to kiss, but then Chandler and Monica enter]

Monica: So then he told to me…(She looks them)whoa!

[Ross and Rachel stop and they suddenly start to leave]

Ross: So…?

Rachel: So I guess you were right… anyway Chandler…Monica…talk to you later…I have…a thing…[She leaves]

Ross: (Starts smiling for no reason to Chandler and Monica who have a "What?" expression on their faces) …So Chandler…Monica…(looks the door)…Bye…[He leaves]

Chandler: Ok… that was weird…

Monica: Yeah…do you think those two are back together?

(They look to each other)

Chandler and Monica: Nah…

[Walking outside the Central Perk Ross and Rachel]

Rachel: Why our kisses can’t be not noticed?

Ross: (proudly) Well, I mean OUR kisses are not like the USUAL kisses

Rachel: What? No Ross…I mean not noticed by Chandler, Monica, Joey or Phoebe…

Ross: Gee…I wonder what happened between those two?

Rachel: Yeah…

[ J &R apartment they are in the bed tired]

Phoebe: Wow…

Joey: Wow…? This was so much bigger than wow… this was HUGE

Phoebe: Tell me about HUGE things these days…

Joey: ( Just smiles to Phoebe’s commentary) We are going to tell the guys about us right?

Phoebe: I don’t know…

Joey: Please I don’t want to be sneaking around like Chandler and Monica did…

Phoebe: Well…what if I said that I found that exciting…

Joey: I would said, ok lets do it!!

[They are about to kiss again when Ross and Rachel enters]

Rachel: Uhm…Joey are you here…

Joey: (Whispering)Oh… no… Its Rachel

Phoebe: (Whispering) Pretend you are naked in your bedroom.

Joey: (Whispering)Well that is not going to be hard, I mean I am already naked on my bedroom…so…

Rachel: Joey are you here?

Joey: (From his bedroom) : Yeah… yeah… I’m here

Rachel: Hey Joey come out a sec a have great news…

Joey: Well You know I kind of…can’t so…can you just tell me…

Rachel: Ok, the great new is that I’m going to stay… I’m not moving anywhere! What do you think??

[From Joey bedroom]

Joey : Hey that’s great!

Phoebe: Oh, that’s so great!

[Outside the bedroom]

Rachel: Oh, my god…Phoebe?!

[From Joey bedroom]

Phoebe: No, I’m not Phoebe, Phoebe is not here.

[Outside the bedroom]

Rachel: Oh my god… guys I saw you two kissing a while ago, but I never thought you were going to…you know…I mean you did…you know…right?

[Joey and Phoebe came out not very well dressed]

Joey: Yeah.. well you know…

Rachel: So you guys are together now…

Phoebe: Well yeah…

Joey: But we want it to be a secret

Rachel: Why? I mean ‘cause I have already told Ross when I saw him

Phoebe: Oh… crap now just Chandler and Monica don’t know…that is not exciting…that is boring…

Joey: Yeah…I don’t like it…ok let’s tell them

[C & M apartment everyone is there , they are just waiting for Chandler]

Rachel: So when is Chandler going to get here?

[Chandler enters]

Chandler: Hey kids. Ok I’m here what do you wanted to talk to us about?

Rachel: Well I have great news…I’m not moving!!!

[Chandler and Monica hug Rachel]

Monica: Honey, that’s great!

Rachel: Yeah…isn’t it…

Joey: And the other news are…

Phoebe: Joey and I are together!!

[Chandler and Monica are amazed and happy]

Ross: Wow… this were great news right?

Chandler: Of course

Monica: Yeah…but why was I the last one to know

Chandler: Hey…yeah.. why didn’t you told us before?

Rachel: Ok…that was al long story, it all started when…