The One Whith Phoebe’s Love Spell


Written by: Jeniffer


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Disclaimer: This fanfic script is based on the characters and settings of the TV show “Friends”, which is the property of Warner Bros. and Bright Kauffman Crane Productions, Their use is not intended for profit, only for entertainment." J




[Scene: Phoebe’s apartment she is alone with her guitar and she stars to sing]


I’m here all alone with this guitar

There is nothing but feelings and a star

The truth is that this is not a love song

Instead is just the calling of a guy


I’m here thinking of you

Wishing you think of me

Im the same way I do it about you...


I’m here with the night

Looking through the window

Knowing that out are there

Dreaming of you all dressed like a knight


I’m here wishing to touch you

I’m here wishing you could hear me

I’m here , I’m here, Im just here...


Opening Credits/comercial


[Joey enters to Phoebe’s apartment, and Phoebe stops playing her guitar]


Joey: Hey Pheebs!


Phoebe:Hey Joe, so what is going on?


Joey: Uhm...well I’ve been having a lot of bad luck with my dates lately and I was thinking that uhm...maybe you could know of something to end up with all the bad luck.


Phoebe: Sure...uhm...lets see(She starts to look for a book)


Joey: Oh...and by the way the song you were playing, was great! 


Phoebe: it is...(Starts reading from the book)”For good luck in love: During 4 weeks light every night a red candle and leave it on until it burns out, each day while the candle is on you should write on a piece of paper :


Love,true love...

Touch me love...

Love,true love...

Hear me love...

Please true love come to me...”


Joey: But it’s a whole month...


Phoebe: Ok...what do you say if you come here tomorrow night and we’ll do it and maybe you’ll start to see the results within a week...what do you think?

Joey: Ah....ok...I’ll be here tomorrow by 8 ok?


Phoebe: Sure!


[Scene: Central perk: Monica, Chandler and Ross are there; Joey enters]


Chandler: Hi Joey!


Joey: Hi guys


Ross: Hey Joey we were planning to see the Knicks game tomorrow around 7:30 want to come?


Joey: Of course!!! a minute...I forgot I have a thing to do...


Monica: Wow...I cant beleive you are blowing off a Knicks game over a thing!


Joey: Yeah...well its kind of an important thing


Chandler: are going to get some...(Everyone looks at him as “WHAT??”)


Joey: Dude...I don’t get some...I get a LOT!




[Scene: Chandler and Monicas place: Rachel , and Monica are there Phoebe enters]


Phoebe: Hey you guys...

Monica: Hey Pheebs


Rachel: Hey whats new?


Phoebe: I just had the worst day at work!


Rachel: Why?


Monica: What happened?


Phoebe: Well first I had an appointment at 8 am, and other people that tried to get an appointment at that time, couldn’t because this other person had already taken it, but after I rejected like other 4 people for that time the guy who was supposed to get there by 8, didn’t showed up! Finally I spent the whole morning listening to a frustrated guy who havent had sex on like 7 months!


Rachel: Ew...I hate that kind of people


Monica: I know what might cheer you up...what about a hot cup of chocolate?


Rachel: Yeah you should give it a try its really good


Phoebe: Ok...why not...but it is not made up of that “Mockolate” because let me tell you that was really what evil must taste like.


Monica: No don’t worry its regular chocolate


Rachel: know whta might make you feel good?


Phoebe: What?


Rachel:Girls night


Phoebe: Uh...I cant


Monica: What about tomorrow?


Phoebe: What about in month?


Rachel: Uhm...Pheebs by that time you really wont need this...


Phoebe: Yeah...well..Uhm...what time is it?


Monica: About 6 pm...why?


Phoebe: Oh...I have to go, I need to do some shopping


Rachel: ok...if you still feel in the mood for that girls night...I can tell you will be here ok?


Phoebe: Yeah...thanks


[Scene: Phoebe’s place, Joey knocks to the door]


Phoebe: Who is it?


(From outside)Joey: its me Joey!(Phoebe opens the door)


Phoebe:Oh..hi come on in...everything is ready


Joey: So what do we have to do...


Phoebe: Well...the candle is ready and here is the paper where you have to write what it says on the book...ready?

Joey: ok...

(They write on the papers the words and stay with the lights turned off just with the light of the candle)


Joey: So...what do we have to do now?


Phoebe: We have to wait until the candle burns out..


Joey: That’s like a lot of waiting huh?


Phoebe: Kind of...


Joey: So...what did you do today?


Phoebe: Well...I had a terrible day at work and then I had an excellent cup of chocolate at Monica’ about you?


Joey: Uhm...well I went to the auditions from a movie, and I spent most of the day reading the script from tomorrows DOOLs episode


Phoebe: Anything new Dr.Remoray?


Joey: Uhm...I get to give a really confusing speech about some kind of sickness


Phoebe: Uh...anything else?


Joey: No that was pretty much it...


[Its the last day from the Good Luck “spell” Joey and Phoebe are laughing ]


Phoebe: its the last from tomorrow you’ll officially have good luck at love


Joey: it really been that long?


Phoebe: Yeah...Well I guess that candle has only like 3 minutes left and we are done


Joey: Hey Pheebs I why did you did this too? I mean you dont have bad luck at love


Phoebe: That’s what you think, I’ve never met someone who thinks about me on an special way, that acts like a really gentlemen or someone who I feel Im conected with...I’ve started to think it me...


Joey: But Pheebs what are you saying? You are an amazing woman...and you remmember that song you were singing the other night...where you said you wish a guy to think of you the same way you think of him...and all that? Im pretty sure that there is more than one that feels that way for you


Phoebe: I can’t beleive you still remmeber that song? That was a month ago!


Joey: Well you know there are something you dont forget easily


Phoebe: Yeah I know what you when you gave me the perfect kiss after I knew I was 31 and not 30. know that was actually something that wasnt perfect about that kiss...


Phoebe: Really what?

Joey: We were not in the middle of the night with red candles around us...(He looked into her eyes and just kissed her, then the last candle burned out completely leaving only their shadow as they kept kissing )