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This fanfic is located 1 week after TOW ALL THE NEWS p.II. understand this FANFIC better you should probably read the first part “TOW ALL THE NEWS PART II”

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[Scene: Chandler and Monica’s place, everyone except Monica and Chandler is there.]


Ross: Honey relax...they’ll be here any minute.


Rachel: I know...but I want to know...


Phoebe: Yeah...we all want to know...


(Chandler and Monica arrive)


Joey: So how did it go?! How did it go?!!


Chandler: Easy Joe...first of all hi...and then...




Everyone: OMG!!! Congratulations!


Phoebe: WOW...I mean WOW...this is so...this is so...


Joey: WOW?


Phoebe: Yeah...he always knows the right thing to say...(they kiss)


Rachel: So what month is it for?


Monica: ...December...


Ross: Im so happy for you guys...


Monica: And also, since they wedding is in one week, my dress will still fit!!


Chandler: Yeah...we have everything under control, we are good to go!


Joey: I can’t believe it...can you beleive it? Last week we were like Joey and Phoebe, Ross and Rachel, and Chandler and week we will be like Joey and Phoebe, Ross and Rachel, Mr and Mrs Bing plus one...I just can’t beleive it!


Rachel: is pretty amazing...


Phoebe: But everything is going to be great...I know it I just know it...


[SCENE: Monica and Chandler’s place, Monica and Rachel are there having breakfast...Its been three months after the wedding.]


Monica: Oh...this whole preganacy thing is so weird...I mean my clothes doesn’t had been a while since I was fat...


Rachel: But honey , this kind of overweight is the one that will bring you happiness, the other kind just made you propense to heart attacks...


Monica: I know...and I am so happy about that...but what if I don’t loose all the weight I gain over this...what if I get really fat again?


Rachel: Ok...look, you did it this time when December comes you will loose half of the weight and then the other half will be easier.


(Joey and Phoebe enter)


Joey:Hey guys!


Phoebe: Oh...oh...Joey has great news!


Rachel: What?, what happened?


Joey: I’ll be co-star of Mel Gibson!!!


Monica: Omg! Joey...way to go!


Rachel: Wow!...and what is the movie about?!


Joey: Well...its about a guy who finds out this other guy is the only one who can save the world from a wizard who wants to take over the wolrd!


Monica: Really...deep and meaningful...


Phoebe: (Excited) I can’t beleive my boyfriend is going to be Mel Gibson’s co-star!


Rachel: When do you start?


Joey: Next week...but I’ll have to travel to Boston each weekend...


Phoebe: (Saddly)Oh...I can’t beleive my boyfriend is going to be away on weekends...


Joey: don’t worry I’ll make it up for you everytime I return...


Phoebe: oh...You better...(she giggles, but then she looks at her clock)...shoot...I have an early appointment I have to go baby...(They kiss)bye!


Rachel: Oh... you guys are the cutest...


Joey: We are aren’t we?


(After a while , Chandler and Ross are talking on the hallway)      


Ross: Do you think I should?


Chandler: Well, you guys haven’t been together for a long time...I think it’s rushed...


Ross: But I had been with her before...and this time it just feels SO right...its not like before...and I am going to do it...


Chandler: Well it’s your call.


(They enter)


Ross: Hey...


Rachel: Hi sweety...


Monica: Hello Mr. Bing


Chandler: Hello Mrs. Bing.


Joey: Guess what?! Im going to be Mel Gibsons co-star!


Ross: Really how come?


Joey: Well the director was friend with the director from the WWI I got the audition , and the part!


Ross: (To Rachel) Would you mind if we go to the hall...I need to talk to you about something...


Rachel: Yeah...sure...(they go out to the hall) What’s going on?


Ross: Uhm...well, since we got together again, we have been staying at your place, along with Phoebe and Joey, and at my place, but I was thinking that...uhm...why don’t you move in with me?


Rachel: OMG!! Are you serious?...


Ross: I’ve never been more serious...


Rachel: Of course!!...(They kiss) let’s tell everyone!!


(They enter again)


Rachel: We are going to move in together!!!


Joey: What?!


Monica: Really?


Ross: Yeah...we are moving in together.


Joey: To Ross’s place right?


Rachel: Yeah Joe...don’t worry...


Joey: Thanks...because for a sec.  There I was like...where the hell am I going to live!


Ross: Don’t worry Joey...Rach, is the one moving out.


Chandler: So when do you plan to do it?


Rachel: Uhm...I m not sure...honey?


Ross: Uhm...what about next week?


Rachel: sounds perfect to me!


Joey: (voice cracking) Everything it’s changing too much!...I....I...(he just turns around)


[Scene: Rachel and Joey’s place, they are helping Rachel to move, but they are not letting Monica carrie anything...She is about to move a box, but...]


Chandler: shouldn’t carry anything...let me do it...


Monica: No!...So, ok I’m pregnant but I want to help!!


Chandler: You can help...but not with the boxes.Now why don’t you go down and check that everyone is doing what it’s supposed to...


Monica: Ok...I know you are blowing me off...but...(She takes one box before leaving and starts to walk faster over to the hallway, Chandler goes and tries to make her leave the box, Meanwhile Joey and Ross talk about Joey’s movie)


Ross: So, Mel Gibson’s co-star huh?


Joey: I know...this really is my BIG BREAK...


Ross: seem like it who else is starring in the movie?


Joey: know other actors you might not know about like...Meg Ryan, and 2 of the Coyote Girls...

Ross: They are hot!


Joey: I know...


Ross: How come you never mentioned them before?


Joey: Well you know how I always end up sleeping with some of my co-stars in plays and stuff...(Ross gives him a “Duh” look)well I guess I didn’t mentioned any of this because I didn’t wanted Phoebe to be afraid I’d act like “Joey” you know?...I mean I am totally devoted to her, but I didn’t want her to doubt of I just didn’t said the entire cast...


Ross: Wow Joey...but you don’t have to be afraid, I mean she knows you’d never do anything like that to her, I mean if you had planned to cheat on her you would have done it by now, so don’t tell it as if you were going to cheat on her, just tell it as an unknown fact about you film.


Joey: But look what happened between you and Rachel, everything was ok, until you slept with the Xerox girl


Ross: But WE WERE ON A BREAK!....(clears his troath)...sorry, but I mean you are not on a you can’t,and you won’t sleep with anyone ok?


(Phoebe and Rachel came out of Rachel’s room with the last things...)


Rachel: this is it...


Phoebe: Yeah...


Joey: Is everything ready?


Rachel: It looks like it.


Ross: So lets go, I presume Monica and Chandler are still down there fighting over who carries the boxes...


(They close the door and in the stairs Monica and Chandler are fighting over the control of the box)


Ross: Guys, I’m sorry to tell you, that we are leaving so why dont you both carrie the box...?




[SCENE: Ross’s…now Ross and Rachel’s place everyone is sitting there tired from the moving]


Monica: Hey Joey, and besides Mel Gibson who is starring in the movie?


Joey: (nervous) Uhm…well no one out of the common , you know…Meg Ryan and two of the coyote ugly girls


Chandler: They are hot!

Monica: Chandler!


Chandler:  But not as hot as you!


Phoebe: Really? Uh…hu…and why would you need bar tenders against an evil wizard?


Joey: They don’t play bar tenders on this movie, just in the last one


Ross: Ok…other things to be treated…Honey…how could all your stuff fit on your last room?


Rachel: Its not that much…(everyone glares at her) ok, ok…Monica organized it…


Chandler: Now there’s an explanation I can believe


Rachel: Hehehe…not funny, now I’m going for a soda anyone wants one?


Phoebe: I’ll go with you


Rachel: Ok


(In the kitchen)


Phoebe: Did you saw that?! Did you saw that?!


Rachel: What honey?


Phoebe: The way he got all nervous when he said the names of her co-stars!


Rachel: So? Maybe he thought you might not be comfortable hearing them…


Phoebe: Why would I be uncomfortable…the only way I’d be uncomfortable would be if he sleeps with them…so obviously he is planning to do it


Rachel: Come on , Pheebs! The guy loves you…he is never been so into a relationship, why would he give up all that?


Phoebe: Maybe ‘cause I’m not as hot as those coyote girls or …or…’cause I haven’t told him yet…that…I’m pregnant


Rachel: You are what?!


Phoebe: Yeah…I know…Monica is going to think I steal her thunder…


Rachel: No…Phoebe this is huge!, but he is going to be thrilled to know it…


Phoebe: You really think so?


Rachel: Yeah…I mean if Chandler could handle it…he can do it


Phoebe: Yeah …good point…I’ll tell him tonight.

(They enter again)


Phoebe: Uhm…Joey, honey… you have to leave tomorrow would you mind if we leave now?


Joey: Sure…so guys…I’ll see you next week


Everyone: Bye, good luck, take care!


(Joey’s place they are on the bed Joey has his arm around Phoebe)


Joey: Oh…I don’t want to leave tomorrow


Phoebe: I don’t want you to leave, but you do have to leave ok?…Can I ask you something?


Joey: Sure…what is it?


Phoebe: Why did you got all nervous when you told everyone the other cast members


Joey: Well to be honest…I didn’t knew how would you react…I mean I was afraid you’d think I’d cheat on you or something


Phoebe: To tell you the truth I did felt uncomfortable at first, ‘cause I imagine that you would get nervous if you had planned to do it…


Joey: But Pheebs you are amazing, I love you, and I’ll never do something like that to you. This is the best relationship I’ve had since…well…forever…and giving you up is the last thing I want to do.


Phoebe: Really?


Joey: Yeah…(they kiss)


Phoebe: OK, now I’ve got some news…


Joey: What?


Phoebe: We are going to have baby!


Joey: (shocked) Are you sure?!


Phoebe: YES!


Joey: (less shocked…more excited) OMG!!! OMG!!! (they kiss!) do the others know?


Phoebe: Only Rachel


Joey: We should tell them now!!…(starts thinking) Wait a minute…there is something missing yet… (gets up and starts going through one of the bags he had already packed)


Phoebe: Well I think we’ve done pretty much everything…but


Joey: (gets a little black box) This was missing (opens the box showing a beautiful ring)


Phoebe: (starts crying…) OMG…Joey…


Joey: Phoebe Buffay…you have made me feel the luckiest guy on earth…and now inside of you, it’s a prove of that…but still… I want to make things right…so Phoebe Buffay will you marry me?


Phoebe: YES!!! (they kiss)


[SCENE: Ross and Rachel’s C&M, R&R are still there, Joey and Phoebe enter running]


Joey: We are going to have a baby!!!


Everyone: OMG!!! Congratulations!!! (They all run to hug ‘em)


Phoebe: But that’s not all…we’re getting married!


Everyone (again): OMG!!! Congratulations!!! (They all hug)