Written by: Jeniffer


This fanfic is located in the seventh season, Monica, and Chandler are at one apartment and Rachel and Joey are in the other; Ross and Phoebe are on their own apartments.

To understand this FANFIC better you should probably read the first part “TOW ALL THE NEWS”

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Disclaimer: This fanfic script is based on the characters and settings of the TV show "Friends", which is the property of Warner Bros. and Bright Kauffman Crane Productions, Their use is not intended for profit, only for entertainment."


[SCENE: Chandler and Monica’s apartment everyone except J&P are there watching a movie]



Monica: Can you believe it’s been a week since Joey and Phoebe got together?


Chandler: I know...


Monica: Hey Rach, can you lend me that cute pair of boots you were wearing the other day?


Rachel: Sure! Go get them, they are at my room.


[Monica opens the door revealing Joey and Phoebe kissing in the hall]


Monica: So were you two planning to enter?


Joey: Yeah...we just got a little distracted...


[Monica goes to R&J apart. And J&P enter they sit in the couch, and Joey has his arm around Phoebe]


Phoebe: So, what are we going to watch?


Chandler: Apparently some kind of love story that involves chocolat...


Joey: Sweet...(looks at Phoebe)but not as sweet as you...(they kiss)


[Monica enters, now with Rachel’s boots]

Monica:Well I have to go to work I’ll be back in a few hours...


Chandler: Bye ,sweetheart (they kiss)


Monica: Bye everyone!


Everyone: Bye Mon


[After an hour...the movie is about to end and there is a passionate kiss between the main characters, and at the same time Joey and Phoebe are doing the same]


Rachel: Well you’ll have to tell me the end later because I have to finish a report for tomorrow...


Everyone:  Bye Rach!(She leaves)


Phoebe:Wait, what time is it?


Ross: 6:25...why?


Phoebe: Oh! I have a client in like 5 minutes OMG! I have to go...


Joey: No, no, no, no...wait...(he stands up and goes to the door blocking the exit, when Phoebe get there they kiss)


Phoebe: (She stops the kiss) I really have to go...(But then Joey gives her a even more passionate kiss)...oh...oh...the woman is 88 it would take her a while to get there... (they kiss again)


Joey: Now you can go...


[Phoebe leaves, and Joey keeps staring at the door for a few seconds]


Chandler: (to Ross) So...what’s the deal between you and Rachel?


Ross: Wha..what? the deal? What do you mean by the deal? There is no deal between me and Rachel? you think there’s a deal between me a nd Rachel?


(Joey sits again)


Joey: What are we talking about?


Chandler: the deal between Ross and Rachel?


Ross: No!...there is NO deal...


Chandler: Come on! Monica  and I saw you kissing at Central perk a week ago and no one talked about tell us what’s the deal!


Joey: were kissing Rachel at Central Perk?! Are you two back together?


Ross: No...look Rachel saw you and Phoebe kissing and she said that your kisses were better than our kisses so I proved her wrong...and that was it!


Joey: Nah...


Ross: I did kiss her Joe...

Joey: No...I mean no way your kisses are better than ours...


Chandler: whats the deal with you two? I mean everytime the chocolat woman kisses the guy you just looked at her with the same expression you had when you first had a crush on her!


Ross: I did not! I just thought about...uhm...her...I did not!


Chandler: Ok...lets say you didnt, but what about when Joey was kissing Phoebe??


Joey: Yeah...(Remmembers it and smiles)


Ross: Im thinking about the kiss...whats wrong about it?


Joey: Well there can be two things...1.-She could be thinking it too...or 2.-She could thinking of it...


Ross: But then what should I do?


Chandler: You’ll have to talk to her about it...


[SCENE: Joey and Rachel’s apart. Rachel just finished the report when Monica enters to give her back her boots]


Monica: Hey Rach!


Rachel: What’s up Mon?


Monica: know ...nothing new...Marinera Sauce here, you kissing my brother a week ago and making no comments about it, salmon mousse...the usual...


Rachel: Monica , it was just a kiss, to prove a point...


Monica: So...what is it going to happen between the two of you?


Rachel: Well..pretty much nothing...I mean ; what do you want me to do? Sometimes a kiss its just a kiss...but if it wasnt how could you talk about something you are terrified to admit..?


Monica: You are still thinking about the kiss huh?


Rachel: Well, maybe it was different than when we were


Monica: Look sweetie you’ll have to talk to Ross about this...sometimes the best way to face something that worries you is to look him straigh into the eyes and tell him: “Chandler...we need to talk...”


Rachel: Uhm...Mon...I think the name is Ross...


Monica: What game is named Ross?...sorry I have to go...

Rachel: What?!...ok,ok,...are you sure you are ok?


Monica: Yeah...I just need to ...bye...


[She leaves, and Ross enters...]


Ross: Hi a second...


Rachel: Yeah...I guess


(They are both nervous)

Ross: Uhm...I was thinking...about the know...(mumbles)kiss...


Rachel: What about it?


Ross: Well...what did you think of it?


Rachel: Well...I haven’t kissed Joey lately, but it was way better than what I looked their was...


Ross: I knew it!

(The conversation get more relaxed)


Rachel: Well how did you wanted me to be sure if we haven’t kissed in a while.


Ross: We havent kissed but you are not going to tell me you kind of forgot all that stuff...


Rachel: Well no...but you kind of lose the know...


Ross: Well I haven’t...I still remmember the day in the night at Central Perk...when it was all rainy...and we had a huge fight, but then I just knew I had to return, so I did, you opened the door, and that was was just like of the world had stopped and it was OUR momment...and that was not just a kiss...


Rachel: I know...neither was the last one...uhm...Ross, that last kiss meant a lot more to me than just winning over Joey and Phoebe...but I need to know if you feel the same way...but

Ross: I’ve never stopped loving you...


Rachel: Oh...(Ross kisses her)Me neither...




[The next day...C&M place, really really early, Monica is walking back and forth in the kitchen, Phoebe enters]


Monica: Phoebe? What are you doing here?


Phoebe: Well...Joey and I haven’t sleep all night so we got hungry and I came to see what did you have...


Monica: Ok...serve yourself(point the fridge)


Phoebe: So...what are you doing up this early?


Monica:Nothing...(a buzzer that is under some towels starts to “buzz” ; Monica gets really nervous and turns it off quickly)


Phoebe: What is that? Are you preparing something?...OMG is that a preganacy test?!!


Monica: SShh!!!


Phoebe: Are you pregnant?


Monica:I’m not quite sure don’t tell anything to anyone ok Pheebs?


Phoebe:Ok...just good luck on whatever you want this to turn into ok?




[Later that day, J&R apartment Joey and Phoebe are sitting in the couch watching a movie, Rachel and Ross enters]


Phoebe: Hey you guys!


Joey: Hey Rach...where were you last night we didn’t heard you came in?


Rachel: Uhm...Joey that actually what “we” wanted to talk to you guys about...


Joey: Oh My god...are you a “WE”?!!


Ross: Uhm...yeah...


Phoebe: Oh you guys! This is SO great!!


Rachel: We know...


Joey: Hey have you told Monica and Chandler yet?


Ross: Uhm...actually...we were thinking to go over there now...want to come?


[They go to Monica’s apart.Only Monica is there]


Monica: Hey everyone!


Joey: Mon,Mon!! Guess what?!! Guess what?!!


Monica: hat is going on Joey?


Joey: Ross and Rachel got back together!!


Monica: (looks at R&R) Really?!


Ross: Yeah...we talked about it...and here we are...


Phoebe: So...where is Chandler?


Monica: Uhm...he should be in his way...


Rachel: Yeah...because we really want to tell him about us...


[The door opens and Chandler enters]


Chandler: Hi everyone...


Everyone: Hey Chandler


Joey: We have some great news for you...


Chandler: Wait...(Goes over to Monica)Hey sweetie...(they kiss) what?


Ross: Rachel and I got back together...


Chandler: Well. Thats really good im so happy for you guys...


Monica: Pheebs... Can I speak with you in the kitchen?


(They go to the kitchen)


Phoebe: Whats going on Mon? Is this about this morning? How that turned out?


(Ross goes over to the kitchen)


Monica: It...was not done...this will have to stay here more time...(points the over)


Ross: do realize the oven is empty?


Monica:...I know...that’s why supposed to stay here more time.


(Monica looks Phoebe in a “you are safe now....kind of look”...Ross just gives Monica a weird look)


Chandler: Well if we are talking about news...guess who got a big fat raise?! (starts pointing himself)


Rachel: Wow...way to go Mr. Big Fat Raise!


Joey: Wow...we have been having a LOT of news recently...I mean last week was us( gives Phoebe a quick kiss), then you guys (Points Ross and Rachel)...and you’ve got a raise...I mean what else could happen...?


Monica: Actually something else...


(Phoebe looks at her thinking about what happened that morning, because she didn’t really had time to tell her earlier in the kitchen)


Monica: Well...Im pregnant...


(Everyone’s face is in a “WOW” expression...especially Chandler who just has a OMG! Expression...)