Written by: Jeniffer


This fanfic is located in the seventh season, where Phoebe is on her own apartment, Monica and Chandler are at one apartment, Rachel and Joey are in the other; Ross of course is still at his own apartment.

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Disclaimer: This fanfic script is based on the characters and settings of the TV show "Friends", which is the property of Warner Bros. and Bright Kauffman Crane Productions, Their use is not intended for profit, only for entertainment." 


[SCENE: Ross and Joey are on the Central Perk, and Rachel enters]


Rachel: So, what are you guys doing tonight?


Ross: Why?


Rachel: Well, you know , I’m just curious…


Joey: Aren’t you supposed to be with Tag tonight?


Ross: Oh, maybe her assistant won’t “assist” her tonight…


Rachel: (Glares at Ross) Oh…just shut up…anyway yes, I am going to be with Tag tonight, and I was asking you that ‘cause I have extra tickets for the nicks game, but I see you’re not interested so…


Joey: Whoa… Wait, wait, wait he was the one who said that “assistant” thing, I didn’t said anything, so am I in?


Rachel: Ok, Joe…you are in…


Ross: Hey!, and what about me?!


Rachel: Uhm…well see…


Ross: you know I did not like that…Oh by the way Monica told me that she wanted to talk to us so…


Rachel: Oh…yeah Joey has already told me…


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[SCENE: Chandler’s and Monica’s apartment]


Monica: So what are we going to tell them?




Monica: You know about what?!


Chandler: You mean…oh…OH…you tell them!


Monica: Hey as far as I remember this is not entirely my fault so…the both of us are going to tell them and you don’t have and option ok?


Chandler: You know that is SO not fair (Mon glares at him) …but I don’t have an option do I?


Monica: I don’t think so…


Chandler: Fine we will meet them here in an hour and we will tell them.


[After an hour Rachel and Phoebe enters]


Rachel: So Monica what was the thing you wanted to tell me


Monica: Oh it’s not a big thing,  but we need to wait for Joey and Ross to be here.


[Phoebe is wearing a black coat, its obviously cold out there ]


Chandler: So Pheebs you should wear that coat if there is a cold day, like today, and  I’m sure you already know that or you wouldn’t be wearing it today right?


Phoebe: What’s going on with you? Why are you so nervous?!


Chandler: With me? Nothing , no… I’m relaxed…(on a very relaxed voice) I’…r...e...l...a...x...e...d…


Phoebe: Ok, cut it off, you are freaking me out!


[Chandler goes to the kitchen to talk with Monica]


Chandler: Ok Monica, I can’t do this I’m freaking out Phoebe and myself!


Monica: What’s the matter with you ? You need to stay calmed until we gave them the notice alright?


Chandler: Ok, OK, OK!!


[Joey and Ross enters, but they start to talk to Rachel and Phoebe]


Chandler: OK, ok, ok…they are here now we have to tell them I can’t tell them, you tell them, yeah please?


Monica: Ok, let’s wait… relax, and see what happens ok?


Chandler: Well you relax I can’t relax in front of Phoebe.


Monica: What…?


Chandler: Long fun story , I’ll say that to you later…(to the group) Ok kids well so…uhmm…Monica?


Monica: Ok, well we wanted to talk to you ‘cause we have something important to tell you.


Phoebe: Oh, my god! Is the wedding off?!


Rachel: What?!


Ross: Really?


Chandler: NO!


Monica: No, Phoebe the wedding is on


Phoebe: Great ‘cause it is in like 2 weeks and I’m really looking forward to it so…what can be a greatest new than your wedding off…Oh my God! You are pregnant!!!


Joey: Are you?


Ross: Are you?


Rachel: Oh my god…you ARE!


Monica: Yes, I guess you are right…


Ross: Monica, you guess?


Monica: Ok, I am!!! I’m pregnant!!! I’m going to be a mom!!!


Joey: Dude?? (to Chandler)


[Chandler is freeze just smiling]


Phoebe: Oh…poor him the pregnancy thing is too much for him…


Monica: Chandler you can stop smiling now and saying something might be a good idea.


Chandler: Sorry it’s just that I’ve never realized how good would it feel to hear it from other people…


[Everyone hugs and some tears came out]


[SCENE: Central Perk: Rachel and Phoebe are sitting there]


Rachel: Gee…you know what have I just realized…


Phoebe: Mmm…that the coffee is way too hot…


Rachel: No…


Phoebe: Uhm….that Gunther should dye his hair?


Rachel: No...umh,,, honey, this is can be really long , so I’m just going to tell you ok…


Phoebe: Ok…then…but I bet I would have won you.


Rachel: Ok, Pheebs, I just realized I am too far to be a mother, look you have had Frank’s babies, Ross has Ben , and now Monica and Chandler…when am I going to get there?!, well at least not with Tag…


Phoebe: Oh…just relax and wait maybe the ONE is closer than you think…

[Joey and Ross enters]


Joey: Hey girls!


Rach/Phoebe: Hey!


Joey: So Pheebs are you ready to go?


Phoebe: Ok let’s go


Ross: So, where are you guys going?


Phoebe: Oh, Joey is going to give me a tour through the set of “Days of our lives”


[they leave]


Ross: So, what do you think about Monica and her pregnancy


Rachel: Oh that’s what I call a HUGE notice…


Ross: Yeah…it brings me good memories of Ben when I first knew I was about to be a father, I guess Chandler is kind of freak out , but he is going to be ok…and how about you?


Rachel: What? What about me?


Ross: Oh…come on!, aren’t you a little bit depressed about the fact that Monica is going to be a mother and you are not?


Rachel: Uhm…maybe just a little.


Ross: Well , you know that anything you need, I’m here for you so you have that in mind ok?…so all you need to do is give me a call.


Rachel: Thanks…(looks to her clock) Oh…sorry I have to go…but it was nice

talking to you.


Ross: It was nice talking to you too.


[Scene: Outside the cinema Rachel and Tag are walking]


Rachel: Why are you so strange?


Tag: I’m not strange


Rachel: Yes, you are!


Tag: No I’m not. I’m as normal as always.


Rachel: Oh…I get it… you didn’t like me to be enthusiastic about my friend’s pregnancy, right?


Tag: Well maybe that had something to do here…


Rachel: Oh, what is SO wrong about being enthusiastic?!


Tag: That I’m not sure if I ever want to have children , I’m not good with children, or all that would come at a time… and that’s all! Ok!


Rachel: So, what are you saying that just because you don’t like kids I don’t have to?…(takes a deep breathe) I’ll see you on Monday morning…goodnight…(She turns and goes to her apartment, he just looks at her without knowing what to do)


[SCENE: Ross’ apartment, Rachel it’s outside knocking at the door]


Ross: Rach…what are you doing here? Are you ok?


Rachel: Ross, I’m sorry I didn’t knew what to do, I had this terrible fight with Tag ‘cause he is totally freaked out about thinking of pregnancy and kids…and I just didn’t knew who to talk with…(starts crying, Ross hugs her)  


Ross: Come on in, we’ll talk ok?


Rachel: Ok… (They enter and they sit on the couch)


Ross: So what happened?


Rachel: He got mad because I liked the idea of Monica being pregnant and then he say he was not sure if he ever wanted to have kids…and…and…(keeps crying, so Ross hugs her again)


Ross: It’s going to be ok Rach…so he thinks that now…but I think that when the right time comes and you become a mom…you’ll be with the right guy


Rachel: But Ross, what am I going to do, I mean I’m almost 30 and apart from you I haven’t had any other serious relationships! What if “the one” never comes? What if he already did?


Ross: Rach, calm down ok? Its going to be ok…things are going to work out for you…I know it…


Rach: Thanks… (she lies her head on his shoulder, Ross hugs her)


[Scene: Monica and Chandler’s…they are on the table with a notepad.]


Monica: Can you believe that less than 8 months from now we are going to have a child?


Chandler: Pretty intense huh?


Monica: So…what do you think we should do first?


Chandler: Well, we already told the guys, so I think we have 2 more pairs of people to tell this…


Monica: Who our parents…yeah…I don’t want to…


Chandler: Come on! This is as freaky for you as it is for me…but do you see me break down? (she glares at him)…again?…no! that’s because I know I love you


Monica: OK, I’ll call them so that they can come here ok…we’ll tell them tomorrow…


Chandler: Ok…do it fast before I regret it ok?


Monica: (Dials the phone) Mom…hi…it’s Monica…hey listen I was wondering if you wanted to come over for lunch tomorrow ?…(listens)…yes mom…Im still engaged…(listens)no mom…(listens) NO…I haven’t put on weight the dress still fits…You know what…we’ll see you tomorrow…ok?


[The next day…at Ross’s place still on the couch Ross and Rachel waking up]


Ross: Morning…


Rachel: What?…did I spent the whole night here?


Ross: Pretty much…after you stopped crying you fall asleep and I didn’t wanted to wake you up, so I stayed here with you…


Rachel: You felled asleep too…?


Ross: Yeah …I did…


Rachel: You know what…Im not angry at Tag anymore…I have a weird feeling of not needing him…Omg…you know what else I have realized?


Ross: What?


Rachel: I didn’t loved him…wow…thanks


Ross: for what?


Rachel : For being there for me


Ross: Anytime…(they hug and Rachel heads to the door)


Rachel: Thank you Ross…I have no idea of what would I do without you…


Ross: You know I here for anything you want ok?


Rachel: Yeah…Thanks…(they hug…and they look into each other eyes and kiss, then they look again…and now they kiss even more passionate, Rachel just drops her bag and melts into the kiss)


[SCENE: Monica and Chandler’s the table its ready for Monica parents]


Monica: Ok, everything its ready…do I look fat to you?


Chandler: Nah…just a little pregnant… (glares at him)


Monica: He he …very funny


Chandler: Oh…come on! Don’t be so nervous you know they are going to be thrilled about this, now the only thing your mom will have to piss you off is going to be you job, ‘cause you are going to be married!


Monica: I guess you are right…I’m just nervous…


(There’s a knock on the door…)


Monica: hey mom… dad


Judy: Hello Chandler, Monica…


Jack: Hello kids


Chandler: Hello Mr and Mrs Geller


Judy: Jack…why does everything it too tidy?


Jack: Come on Judy its harmonica…she likes things like that


Chandler: Yeah don’t you know your own daughter? Hehe…(they are not laughing…he stops laughing)


Monica: Ok, before you start saying what’s wrong with my life…here it is…I’m pregnant


Jack/Judy- Oy…


[Scene: Central Perk, Joey is nervous, Ross enters]


Joey: You are late!


Ross: What?


Joey: You are late we said 3 pm, and when do you arrive…3:05!


Ross: Joey what’s going on?


Joey: Ok..ok…something happened yesterday…and I’m confused…


Ross: What?, Joey tell me,


Joey: Well, you know how I gave Phoebe a tour of the set of DOOL, well the tour over the set of DOOL was almost over and we got to see a scene where one of the characters is looking all intense and then he tells this girl a lot of things and then BAM! They kiss!


Ross: Are you telling me next weeks plot, or your problem?


Joey: Am I done yet? NO…so…as I was saying, we were seeing that, and suddenly I looked Phoebe and started to feel…you know…weird…like I really wanted to be kissing her like the guy on the scene…and I think I might be in love with her…what am I gonna do…I don’t want to end up like you and Rachel did over all the fights and stuff…


Ross: Oh you do…


Joey: What?


Ross: Uhm…Rachel and I got back together


Joey: what? Really! OMG Im so happy for you guys! But…how did it happened?


Ross: Well.. she was feeling bad because Tag freaked out, then she come to my place, and she passed the night there…


Joey: Yeah baby!


Ross: No Joey, nothing happened! She felled asleep on the couch…


Joey: Oh…so what happened?


Ross: Well she realized he didn’t loved him, and then in door we kissed…


Joey: Wow…you know what, maybe I’ll talk to Phoebe…


Ross: Yeah…you should…


[Scene: Chandler and Monica’s her parents are still pretty shocked by the news]


Jack: So Monica…how long have you know this?


Monica: A few days ago…


Judy: And you are…how many months?


Monica: About a month, month and a half


Judy: Oh…so your dress will still fit…


Monica: Yeah mom , it will! And I hope you are happy ‘cause this is pretty big for me and Chandler, we are really happy!


Jack: Well we are just shocked because we didn’t thought you were going to tell us we were going to have another grandchild before the wedding…that’s all honey


Chandler: Well, we are aware of that…but we are really happy to be starting a family together…(Chandler hugs Monica, Jack and Judy just nod in like “approval”


[SCENE: Time lapse …Chandler and Monica’s, They are watching TV, Ross and Rachel enters]


Rachel: Hey you guys!


CH/M: Hey!


Ross: We have something we want to tell you


Chandler: What?


Rachel: We got back together!


Monica: OMG really?!


Ross: Yeah…I know…but hey how did Mom and Dad took the news?


Monica: Well you know them…


Ross: Shocked, freaked out and then more calmed?


Monica: Yeah…


Ross: Well you did ok…


[SCENE: Central Perk, Joey is sitting there, Phoebe enters]


Joey: Hey Phoebs!


Phoebe: Hey Joey. What’s up?


Joey: Nothing new…you know the usual


Phoebe: Ah…there is never the usual…here check what you horoscope says for today, she hands him a newspaper with the horoscope and he reads


Joey: “The moon is aligned for you, take that chance don’t give it up, your heart might regret it if you don’t”


Phoebe: Wow…you better do whatever you had in mind seems like everything will work out for you


Joey: Actually you are the one who can decide that…


Phoebe: How come?


Joey: Well…Chandler and Monica are together and are having a baby, even Ross and Rachel got together…


Phoebe: Really, when?


Joey: Yesterday…but the point is that the only person I’ve ever felt so comfortable with is you…so would you like to go out with me sometime, and try to give me a chance?


Phoebe: (smiles while saying) You don’t need a chance…(She kisses him)


Joey: (Really surprised) Wow…


Phoebe: Ok, I was not going to tell you this, but the whole kissing scene from DOOL, Monica’s pregnancy, and pretty much everything…made my mind wonder who would be THE ONE for me…you know…the one that kisses you and makes you feel in heaven, the one that with a slight touch on your arm makes you feel…makes you feel…(Joey looks at her, and kisses her)


Joey: Like that??


Phoebe: Yeah…