Written by: Jeniffer


This fanfic is located in the seventh season, where Monica, and Chandler are at one apartment and Rachel and Joey are in the other; Ross and Phoebe are on their own apartments.

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Disclaimer: This fanfic script is based on the characters and settings of the TV show "Friends", which is the property of Warner Bros. and Bright Kauffman Crane Productions, Their use is not intended for profit, only for entertainment."




[Scene: Joey and Phoebe are watching a movie at Rachel and Joey´s place]



Joey: This is a really good movie you know


Phoebe: Yeah...kind of...but its not like its a very realistic movie


Joey: How come?


Phoebe: Take a look to those guys, we have been watching whats been like 2 weeks of theirs lives, and every night they kiss as if  they very all happy and stuff, and let’s face it , thats not true


Joey: Sure it is! On my last date with Mabel,  Im sure we did have a very...very---happy night


Phoebe: Yeah...but I dont mean to be happy for the moment...


Joey: Oh...I get


Phoebe: Ok...what Im trying to say here is that even if you have great sex , if you are not really, then whats the point? It´s just that I would want to fell in love with someone that like me because who I am , and not how do I have sex!!


Joey: Yeah!, but , hey listen... you  don’t have to worry about that, I mean any guy who gets to be with you is going to be lucky to have you, Pheebs your are beautiful...


Phoebe: Really?...Do you think so??


Joey: Totally...


(they look into their eyes and get close , but they just go back to the movie quickly, then the next scene in the movie is a couple that shere a long kiss)


Phoebe: Look at them , they are trying to make you think that just because they kiss and sleep together everything is all happy and stuff...


Joey: Come on Pheebs you know that when the right guy comes you’ll find all the happiness you are talking about...


Phoebe: Yeah well maybe you are right...


(they start to get closer)


Joey: Sure I am


Phoebe: How can you be so sure?...(Joey just looks her and before she can say anything he gaves her a very passionated kiss, then the credits of the movie appears they stop the kissing)


Phoebe: Why was that for?


Joey: I don’t know; I mean were talking about being in love and all that and then I just let myself go...


Phoebe : I know me too...


Joey: Do you want to keep doing it?


Phoebe: Sure why not!


(They start to kiss again but Phoebe stops)



Phoebe: But what are we going to do about us then?


Joey:What do u mean?


Phoebe: Our friendship, I dont want to ruin what we have


Joey: But what about a little change on how things are??


Phoebe: like how?


Joey: Why dont we get together?


Phoebe: Really?


Joey: Yeah...I mean all the dating lots fo girls and that was pretty fun for a while , but I think that maybe its time for more serious relation, and who wouldnt be better for that , if it wouldnt be you?


Phoebe: It might not be such a bad idea


Joey: Are you kidding me?Pheebs you are one of my closest friends and so far we have shared so many things, I just feel like its right, dont you think?


Phoebe: Yeah...but let me say something first...(She kisses him and then they just keep going, the door opens and its Chandler, who is just shocked)


Chandler: Oh My God!


(Joey and Phoebe stop kissing after Chandler’s OMG!)


Chandler: What is going on between you two? Are you together?


Phoebe:Well...kind of


Joey: Sorta...


Chandler: What do you mean by sorta?


Joey: Well...we decided it like 5 seconds before you came in...


Phoebe: ruined a perfect answer


Chandler: Wow...this is great! I mean from all the girls I have seen Joey making out here , you were the last one that passed on my list


Joey: Yeah...ok...ok...we are happy too...but Im still intrigued of what was Pheebs going to tell me...wasn’t it something like this...(he kisses Phoebe and Chandler just smiles and leaves)



[SCENE: Central Perk: Ross, Rachel and Monica are there, Chandler enters]


Everyone: Hello!


Chandler : Hey guys, Hi honey (He kisses Monica) You won’t beleive what I am about to tell you


Ross :What ? What is it?


Chandler: I just came down from your place Rachel


Rachel: Oh...yeah Joey and Phoebe were watching a


Chandler: So...I entered and I interrupted something more than just sharing popcorn!


Monica: What...?Do you mean that Joey and Phoebe were making out?


Chandler: Yu-huh!


Rachel, Ross: What?


Chandler: Im telling you they were making out I interrupt them and they told me that they are together now.


Monica: Wow!...I mean who would have thought?


Ross: I know...and are they together like just for fun, of in seriously together.


Chandler: I really dont know but they seemed very busy answering each other...


[SCENE:The hallway, Phoebe is kissing goodbye to Joey while Monica, Ross and Rachel are just amazed to see it while they were going to enter]


Monica: Uhm...Pheebs can I talk to you for a second?


Phoebe: Sure...bye Joey...(whispers into his ear) I miss you already


Joey: Me too...(Gaves her a quick kiss and Phoebe enters to Monica’s place)


Monica: and Joey huh?


Phoebe: Yeah...he is a great kisser


Monica: So are you guys like dating?


Phoebe: Well not exactly you know , we started talking, about love feelings and stuff while we were seeing the movie, and then one thing lead to another...


Monica: So then you two are officially together?


Phoebe: As far as I know...


Monica : Im so happy for you guys...

Phoebe: I know we are lobsters!!


(Rachel and Joey’s place)


Rachel: and Phoebe


Joey: I know she is great!


Ross: But isnt it a little weird because you dated Ursula?


Joey: At first I thought it will be, but then you know I just realized they are 2 different persons, Phoebe is sweet and tender, and Ursula is just....Ursula


Rachel: really like her


Joey: Well yeah...of course...I mean I already loved her as a friend, now I love her and I get to kiss her!


Ross: Well Im very happy for you two.


Joey: Thanks...I know it will work out


[SCENE: Central Perk; Chandler is there and Phoebe enters]


Chandler:Hey Pheebs!


Phoebe: Hey there!


Chandler: So were is your boyfriend


Phoebe: like 6 hours I was just watching a movie with my friend, and now you are asking me about my boyfriend, things change fast dont you think?


Chandler: Yeah...but they dont usually change “that” fast


Phoebe: What do you mean?


Chandler: Well, your friendship with Joey was not an usual friendship, I mean you know him for years, it was obviously that something had to happen and now it just did


Phoebe : Well when you put things that way of course...


(Joey enters)


Joey: Uhm...Pheebs can I talk with you for a moment?


Phoebe: Sure...whats going on?


Joey: Well...uhm I needed to talk to you about something...but first..(They kiss)


Phoebe: Ok...well said...and what was the other thing?


Joey: Well I just needed to leave clear that since we have been friends for so long and I dont want to ruin our friendship, I just needed to let you know that what I had a few years ago with Ursula was nothing, I mean you were the one I picked when you made me choose, so I was blind because even though you are similar on the outside she doesnt compares to you..


Phoebe: are so sweet


Joey: No Pheebs you are...