Written by: Jeniffer


This fanfic is located in the eight season, where Phoebe is on her own apartment, Monica and Chandler are at one apartment, Rachel and Joey are in the other; Ross of course is still at his own apartment.To understand this one you really need to read the first part

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Disclaimer: This fanfic script is based on the characters and settings of the TV show "Friends", which is the property of Warner Bros. and Bright Kauffman Crane Productions, Their use is not intended for profit, only for entertainment." 





Joey: Uhm…Rach, how did you knew you had a crush on Ross?


Rachel: Well, when Chandler slipped out that he had a crush on me I started thinking what could happen with him, so the whole idea got into me and I fall for him…why Joey?


Joey: Well…don’t tell anyone but I have caught myself thinking of…I can’t say it…well you’ll find out , just not know ok?


Rachel: Oh come on Joey! Its me!


Joey: Sorry I just can say it yet okay?


Rachel: Well I guess I’ll have to wait.


[Opening credits]


[SCENE: Monica and Chandler’s Monica is reading in the couch, Rachel enters]


Rachel: Hey Mon!


Monica: Hey Rach!


Rachel: So…where is Chandler?


Monica: He had troubles with his boss so he had to stay late.


Rachel: OK, so I guess I can tell you then…


Monica: What? What is going on?


Rachel: I think Joey is in love!


Monica: Are you kidding?


Rachel: No! he asked me about how did I found out I was in love with Ross the first time and he said he had been thinking about someone, but he didn’t told me who!


Monica: OMG! This is huge, I’ve never thought he’d ever fell for someone, I can’t wait to know who is he in love with.


Rachel: I know, its probably one of the 100 girls he hocked up with…


Monica: Nah…I don’t think he’ll fall for someone he hocked up with more than a year ago.


Rachel: Who said a year ago? That’s probably this years amount! (they laugh)


[SCENE: Rachel and Joey’s, Joey is  writing a letter, Rachel is about to enter but she stays outside of the door listening Joey reading]


“I can’t explain it , but that’s the way it is, my heart belongs to you now, after you read this I’ll like to know if you’ll like to give it a try”


(Rachel its still outside hoping to hear a name, but the door opens and Joey quickly stops reading waiting for an explanation from Rachel)


Joey: Were you spying on me?


Rachel: No…no…funny story actually…I …I felt dizzy, yeah and that’s why I leaned on the door , but I guess since I’m a little heavier now with the baby and stuff the door opened…yeah that’s what happened…so what were you doing?


Joey: Nothing...well writing a letter.


Rachel: to…


Joey: Someone.


Rachel: Joey…??


Joey: Someone…something; you know how crazy stage names are…


Rachel: Joey??


Joey: Ok, ok, the letter was for…(he is about to tell her, when the door opens and Phoebe enters, Joey a little bit amazed then says) Phoebe! Hey Pheebs! Its Phoebe!


Rachel: (kind of bummed) Yeah…it’s Phoebe…


Phoebe: Hey you guys Ross said he wanted to show us something and that he wanted us to go to his apartment.


Joey: Ok , we’ll be there in a sec.


Rachel: Yeah just hold on for a sec.


Phoebe: OK, I’ll tell him you are on your way (she leaves)


Rachel: Oh…ok…so where were we…oh yeah…you were about to tell me who that letter was for.


Joey: Yeah I was…but now we have to go to Ross’s (putting on his jacket) you’ll find out anyway Rach.


Rachel: But I want to know now….


Joey: I’m not ready yet ok?


Rachel: Ok, but you’ll tell me when you think you are ready right?


Joey: Sure…just not now…


(They both leave and Joey keeps his letter on his jacket pocket)


[SCENE: Ross’s place, Everyone is there they just finished watching a movie on a really huge screen, Ross is now turning on the lights]


Ross: So, how is my new TV?


Phoebe: Wow…I mean WOW!


Joey: It’s almost as good as my TV


Ross: Joey…your TV is half the size of this one


Joey:…ALMOST! (Ross glares at him)


Monica: Well finally something good since the last time you brought us here as “important”


Chandler: Yeah…remember “And now here is the boringsaurus…(mimes as falling sleep”) (Ross glares at him)


Rachel: No really Ross, this is a great TV, I’m going for more pie, anyone wants more?


Monica: I’ll go with you (they stand up and go over the kitchen) So did Joey told you?


Rachel: NO! he was just about to do it, but Phoebe walked in , but I guess we’ll find out anyway


Monica: Why?


Rachel: I don’t know, he said I’ll , and as soon as I know you will.


[The next day on the coffee house a nervous Joey is ready to deliver the letter to the girl, Chandler walks in]


Chandler: Have you done it yet?


Joey: No! I can’t believe I’m so nervous about this…I mean I hit on girls and date all the time , why can I do this?!


Chandler: Well maybe ‘cause you were never really in love with those persons and now you are…


Joey: I guess you are right…I’ll see you tomorrow


Chandler: OK…bye…(Joey leaves)

[An apartment door, we see a nervous Joey outside, he knocks on the door and he says to the woman who opened (who by the way I won’t tell you who is it…yet)]


Joey: I need to talk to you…