The One With the Earthquake



BY: Jeniffer


DISCLAIMER: This fanfic script is based on the characters and settings of the TV show "Friends", which is the property of Warner Bros. and Bright Kauffman Crane Productions, Their use is not intended for profit, only for entertainment




[SCENE: A mall, a girl called Jersey is on the electric stairs, going up to the 2 floor, she was almost there...when... an earthquake starts, and she is about to fall but luckely a guy that was behind her catches her]


Man: Are you ok?


Jersey: Yeah , Thanks...


Man: Hurry up, take my hand this place is tearing apart!


(They started to run to the nearest stairs to go down, but they saw that the stairs were getting too crowded ,so they run to the “Fast Food” section to get under one of those tables to get protected, once the earthquake had finished, and they stoped to try to protect themselves Jersey looked up the the mistery man to thank him)


Jersey:OMG...Im so glad this is over...are you ok?


Man: Yeah...oh...and by the way I never got to introduce myself, Im...


Jersey: (interrupting him) I are Matt LeBlanc...


Matt: Oh...and you are?


Jersey: Im Jersey...thanks for saving my life...


Matt: I didnt save your life I just gave you a hand


Jersey: Well without that I’ll be under rocks by now...


Matt: It wasn’t that much, what its important now its to know if we can get out of here ok? What we’ll do will be this...I’ll go over the stairs to see if its safe for us to get down, and you’ll stay here ok?


Jersey: Take care...everythings its still very unstable...


Matt: I’ll take care...dont worry


(Matt walked to where the stairs were but he discovered that they had fallen down!!, so he went back with Jersey)


Matt: Uhm...Jersey...


Jersey: Yes?


Matt: There is a little’ll see ...uhm...well the stairs are gone!!


Jersey:OMG!!! WHAT?!!

Matt: I know...look stay calmed, Im sure will be ok...


(Jersey starts to cry)


Jersey: We are never going to get out of here!! I mean , no stairs, no food, it will take hours, and hours, to anyone who wants to look for us....


(Matt gaves her a hug)


Matt: We are going to be ok...let talk for a while to calm down and we’ll come up with something to get out of here ok?


Jersey: ok...(still with tears on her eyes)


Matt: so how old are you?


Jersey: Im 23.


Matt:Well I dont know if you already knew it , but Im 34...and I play Joey...


Jersey: (interrupting him)Tribbiani on Friends...I know


Matt: seem to know me very you like the show?


Jersey: Are you kidding me I never miss it!!


Matt: Oh...well thats what do you like to do on your free time?


Jersey: uhm... I spend time surfing on the internet, watching  TV, and going to the the way I loved “ED”


Matt: Thanks...Im glad you liked it...see now you are calmed down...


(They are still inside the table Matt is hugging her)


Matt: Look I have an idea I’ll try to call David or Matthew so they can send a rescue team ok?


Jersey: David as in David Schimmer, and Matthew as in Matthey Perry? OMG...taking off the earthquake I can tell you this is a dream come true...right now its turning into a nightmare...but I’ll keep the dreamy part..


Matt: (giggles, takes his cell phone and calls David)Hi! Its Matt...hey listen I have a little problem and I need you to help me out...


David on the phone: Where are you?


Matt: Trapped on a mall, with the earthquake the stairs fell and Im trapped here...I dont have enough battery to call 911 so, please try to do something ok?


David on the phone: Ok...its the JCP Mall right?


Matt: have to do something fast...


(He hangs up the phone)


Jer: So he will help us?


Matt: As far as I know he will


(Another earthquake hits the mall, this time less strong than the other one, but this time the ceiling that was made of glass starts to fall down so Matt takes his jackes and covers Jersey and himself with it...After its over...)


Jer: Oh...dear God...please tell me they’ll get us out of here...


Matt: They’ll ,they’ll...


(The sound of a helicopter makes them get out from the table and look up into the now broken ceiling, they are saved!! A rescue team, helps them to get into the helicopter)





Matt: I told you we’ll be ok


Jersey: Wow...I can’t beleive I survived a terrible earthquake and I’m sitting here with...with of the persons I admire the most...


Matt: You are so sweet


Jersey: With you who wouldn’t?


(Matt leanes forward to kiss her while the Rembrandts “I’ll be there for you” is as background music;but suddenly the scene changes suddenly to Jersey’s bedroom, as she wokes up and watches that FRIENDS is starting on TV...)