Written by:†† Ethan

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CENTRAL PERK (Rachel, Monica, Ross and Joey are present)


Monica:Geez Rach, you look like hell.


Rachel:I am so tired.I could fall asleep right here on this couch.


Joey:Hot sex last night Rach?


Rachel:Iím four months pregnant Joey, the only hot sex Ross is having is with himself.


Joey:Hate to be you man.


Ross:I donít want to be me either.


Monica:You guys canít have sex anymore?


Ross:Apparently not.


Rachel:Itís too difficult and uncomfortable.


Joey:So get creative, do it in the butt.




Joey:What?Itís the next best thing.


Monica:For Ross.


Rachel:Yeah, I donít think so, that area is a one-way only zone, and thatís outward.


Joey:You donít know what youíre missing.(Ross, Rachel and Monica look dumbfoundedly at Joey).Wait a minute, that didnít come out right.



JOEYíS APARTMENT (Joey and Rachel are present)


Joey:You know, we never hang out like we used to.


Rachel:Joey, you and Iíve never really hung out.


Joey:Sure we have.Donít you remember the time when I moved in?You offered me lemonade and I thought you meant something else.I took off my clothes only to learn that you just wanted to give me some lemonade.


Rachel:Joey, that was Monica and you.I didnít move in with Monica until 2 years later. And for the record, Iíve never seen you naked.


Joey:Wanna fix that?


Rachel:No, itís bad enough that I have to see Ross naked.


Joey:Hairy ass?


Rachel:Like a dense forest.


(short period of silence)


Joey:Wanna go fishing?We could go out on Mr. Beaumont.


Rachel:I thought you sold Mr. Beaumont?


Joey:Right.I always forget about that.Iím sure Chandler wouldnít mind if we used Ms. Icicle Woman.


Rachel:You sold Mr. Beaumont to Chandler?


Joey:Yeah.He wanted it so I sold it to him for $5,000.


Rachel:Joey, you paid $20,000 for that boat.




Rachel:Donít ya think that Chandler ripped you off?


Joey:I needed the money.He had money, so I sold it to him.Besides, what was I gonna do with a boat?


Rachel:Does Monica know that Chandler bought the boat?


Joey:Yeah right.There are a lot things that Monica doesnít know about Chandler and thatís one of them.


Rachel:Chandlerís keeping secrets from Monica?


Joey:I dunno.Is he?


Rachel:You just said that he is!


Joey:Well I guess he is then.Itís kinda like how Ross doesnít want you to know that heís taking you to Hawaii in February.††




Joey:Uh oh.(pause)Letís go get some pizza.


Rachel:Wait a minute Tribbiani!Sit your ass back down!Ross is taking me to Hawaii?


Joey:No.Whereíd you get that from?


Rachel:Thatís so sweet, I canít believe him.


Joey:Look Rach, Ross confided in me about the whole trip, so please donít say anything to him.


Rachel:Ok, I wonít say anything.At least I wonít say that youíre the one who told me.


Joey:Seriously Rachel, donít say anything to Ross.Heíll never trust me with a secret again.


Rachel:So what other secrets do you know?


Joey:No way.Iíve already given away the farm.


Rachel:Come on Joey, I know you want to tell me.


Joey:Phoebe has pierced nipples.Can we go get a pizza now?


CHANDLER & MONICAíS APARTMENT (Monica and Ross are present)


Ross:Have you heard from Mom and Dad?




Ross:Huh.Thatís odd.They said they were gonna call you.


Monica:Is there something I should know?


Ross:Yeah.Their 35th wedding anniversary is on Friday and theyíre having a big shindig at the house.All of our relatives and their friends are gonna be there.


Monica:Thatís just like Mom.Sheíll probably wait until Friday to call hoping that I canít make it.


Ross:Donít be like that Mon, Iím sure sheíll call today.She wants you and Chandler to be there.Why else would she ask me for your number?


Monica:My number!Iíve lived in the same apartment for ten years!My phone numberís never changed!


Ross:Ok, youíre breaking the sound barrier again.Calm down.Momís getting old, I had to remind her that Rachel and I are married now and expecting her second grandchild.


Monica:Oh.Thatís a little better.


Ross:I wanted to see if you and Chandler wanted to go in on a gift with Rachel and me.


Monica:Yeah, I guess.


Ross:Do you have time right now?


Monica:Yeah.What do you want to get them?


Ross:Tickets to Hawaii.I found cheap airfare and inexpensive accommodations for a week.I was gonna take Rachel, but I couldnít get time off from work.


Monica:I guess we could do that.


Ross:That not good enough?


Monica:I was thinking weíd send Dad to Hawaii and Mom to Siberia.


Ross:They really screwed you up, didnít they?


Monica:I survived.And besides, I got Dadís Porsche.


Ross:Ah yes, nothing like a little bribery to help you forget your terrible upbringing.


CENTRAL PERK(Chandler and Phoebe are present)


Chandler:Wanna go fishing?


Phoebe:Thatís what Iíve been doing.




Phoebe:Iíve been fishing for guys since we got here.See, thereís a cute guy right over there.


Chandler:He is kinda cute.


Phoebe:Are you sure youíre not gay?


Chandler:Last time I checked, no.


Phoebe:You might wanna check again.††


Chandler:Wanna go to the office with me?My secretaryís on vacation.


Phoebe:I could be your secretary again?


Chandler:If you want.Or you could do my work for me.


Phoebe:What is it that you exactly do now?


Chandler:I donít know, but if you figure it out while weíre there, let me know.


TONYíS PIZZA (Rachel and Joey are eating lunch)


Joey:This is the life.I love pizza.


Rachel:More than sex?


Joey:Whoa!I love no one more than sex.


Rachel:I love Ross more than sex.


Joey:Yeah right.


Rachel:I really do.


Joey:Then youíre demented.


Rachel:So Phoebeís nipples are pierced?


Joey:Whereíd you here that?


Rachel:You told me right before we left your apartment.


Joey:Donít say anything to Phoebe.Sheíd kill me if she found out I told you.


Rachel:I wonít say anything.Does she have earrings in them?


Joey:Small hoop earrings.But thatís nothing, Monica has a piercedÖ.


Rachel:A pierced what?


Joey:I canít say it.


Rachel:What region are we in?


Joey:Below the equator.


Rachel:Monica has her, herÖ.(quietly) its pierced down there?


Joey:According to Chandler.


Rachel:Oh my God, thatís unbelievableÖ.and very sick!Why in the world did she do that?


Joey:According to Chandler, Monica heard from a co-worker that having that pierced would enhance sex.So she did it.She loves it as a matter of fact.


Rachel:When did she do it?


Joey:Right before they got married.It was her wedding present to Chandler.


Rachel:Was it painful?


Joey:How the hell should I know?Look, youíre dangerous to hang out with.Youíre gonna get me in so much trouble.The only personís secrets I havenít shared are yours.


Rachel:I donít have any secrets Joey.


Joey:Oh really?Are you sure?


Rachel:Positive.Iíd think Iíd know if I had any secrets.


Joey:So that fact that you named your vibrator Big Mean Plunging Machine doesnít mean anything to you?


Rachel (embarrassed and upset):Who told you that?


Joey:Iím not gonna kiss and tell.


Rachel:It was Ross wasnít it?That bastard!


Joey (laughing):Not even close.


Rachel:It wasnít Ross?




Rachel:But the only other person who knows that isÖ.


Joey:Thatís right, Monica.


CHANDLERíS OFFICE (Chandler and Phoebe are present)


Phoebe:You need to start coming to work more often.I canít believe you walked into the wrong office twice.


Chandler:Yes, but my employees donít know that so keep quiet.


Phoebe:What do you want me to do?


Chandler:I dunno.


Phoebe:Well what does your secretary do all day?


Chandler:She makes up excuses for me.




Chandler:Yeah, like why am I not in my office.Those type of things.


Phoebe:What does she say?


Chandler:I dunno.Whatever she says it obviously works.


(Bill, Chandlerís boss enters)


Bill:Decided to come into work today Bing?


Chandler:Iíve got a lot of work to do sir.I was just showing my temp secretary the rigors of the job.


Phoebe:Hi, Iím Regina Filange, Chandlerís new temp secretary.


Bill:Have you worked as a secretary before?


Phoebe:Yes, I temped in the White House.I was President Clintonís secretary during the Lewinsky scandal.††††


Bill:You worked for the President?


Phoebe:Yes sir.I fixed him his coffee every morning for a year.I also shredded documents for him.


Bill:Isnít that illegal?


Phoebe:Only if you get caught.


Bill:Well Iíll let you get to work Bing.Sounds like your temp has things under control.(Bill leaves)


Chandler:Phoebe!What are you doing?


Phoebe:I was just having a little fun.


Chandler:Working for the President of the United States?Have you lost your mind?


Phoebe:What?Itís not like heís ever gonna see me again after today.Now letís get to work.


CHANDLER & MONICAíS APARTMENT (Monica and Ross are present)


Monica:Well that was Mom.I guess she didnít forget to invite Chandler and I after all.


Ross:See, I told you sheíd remember to invite you and Chandler.


Monica:Yeah, but your not catering the party.


Ross:She roped you into catering the party?


Monica:Yes.She said she wanted to give me ample time to prepare the food.


Ross:You should be honored.That means Mom likes your cooking.


Monica:No, it means that Mom and Dad are too cheap to hire a caterer themselves.


Ross:How do you know?


Monica:I made the mistake in asking.


CENTRAL PERK (Everyone is present)


Ross:Hey Pheebs and Joe, you guys are going to my parentsí anniversary party right?




Phoebe:When is it again?


Ross:Itís tomorrow.


Phoebe:Was I invited?


Rachel:No.They invited everyone else but you Phoebe.


Phoebe:I guess Iím not going.


Monica:Phoebe, you were invited.I left the message on your machine.


Phoebe:Oh, that explains why I didnít know.I havenít listened to my messages for two months.


Chandler:Why not?


Phoebe:I wanna to see how many calls I get in a three month period.


Ross:Huh, that explains why you didnít show up for Benís birthday party.


Phoebe:Ben had a birthday party and I wasnít there?


Ross:Did you check your messages?




Ross:Then thatís why you werenít there.


Phoebe:Wait a minute.Was I still going out with Joey then?






Joey (quickly getting up):Whatís that Gunther?Yeah, Iíll be right there.


ROSS & RACHELíS APARTMENT (Ross and Rachel are reading in bed)


Rachel:So I spent the day with Joey the other day and did he have some interesting secrets to tell.


Ross:Whatís he doing spilling secrets if theyíre supposed to be secrets?


Rachel:Heís Joey, what do you expect?


Ross:So what did he to say?


Rachel:Did you know that Phoebe has pierced nipples?




Rachel:Yup.But thatís not the best one.Guess what your sister did?


Ross:She pierced her nipples too?


Rachel:Think below the belt.


Ross:She got a tattoo down there?!


Rachel:Nope. She did something else down there.


Ross:What could she have possibly done down there if she didnít get a tattoo?


(Ross and Rachel sit quietly for a moment)


Rachel:Any idea?


Ross:She didnít!


Rachel:Yes she did.According to Chandler, she did it for his wedding present!


Ross:Oh my God! I suddenly donít want to see her face ever again!


Rachel:So, should I take some time off in February?


Ross (miffed but not showing it):Why would you do that?


Rachel:I just heard through the grapevine that weíre taking a trip.


Ross:We are?Where?


Rachel:You mean weíre not taking a trip?


Ross:Not that I was aware of.


Rachel:But Joey said you and I were going to Hawaii.


Ross:Then Joeyís been smoking pot again.Weíre not going to Hawaii.


Rachel:Oh.Then maybe the other stuff isnít true either.


Ross:Maybe not.He is Joey after all.




Joey (to Phoebe):Whereís Chandler?


Phoebe:Heís helping Monica in the kitchen.


Joey:That does it he can no longer be classified as a man.


Phoebe:Was he ever a man?


Joey:Between you and I, no.


Jack (to Ross):Son, thanks for the tickets to Hawaii and the hotel accommodations.


Ross:Your welcome Dad, but donít forget, theyíre from Monica, Chandler, and Rachel too.


Judy:Where is my daughter-in-law?I have to say hello.


Ross:Have you said hello to Monica Mom?


Judy:Monicaís here?




Judy:Iím kidding.I already thanked Monica for coming.Now whereís Rachel?


Ross:Yeah, sheís upstairs throwing up in the bathroom.Her morning sickness came back with a vengeance today.


(Cut to the Kitchen)


Monica:Have you seen my Mother yet?


Chandler:Yeah, she said hello when I went out to put the appetizers on the table.


Monica:This is just like her, I slave over the food and she doesnít even offer to help, let alone say hello.


(Judy enters)


Judy:Hi dear.Howís the food coming?


Monica:Itís nice to see you too Mom.Oh, and the foodís coming along just fine.


Judy:Thatís great dear.Come say hi to everyone when you get the chance.(Judy leaves)


Monica:You see what I mean!


Chandler:I love you for what thatís worth.


Monica:Oh, thatís so sweet.


(Cut to the Family Room)


Ross (to Joey):Hey, I need to speak to you.




Ross:Did you tell Rachel that I was taking her to Hawaii?


Joey:Was I not supposed to?


Ross:Damn it Joey!I couldnít get time off work so I canít take her.




Ross:Whyíd you tell her in the first place?


Joey:It slipped out.I was explaining to her how Chandler bought Ms. Icicle Woman.


(Monica approaches and is within earshot)


Ross: Ms. Icicle Woman?


Joey:Yeah, thatís what he calls my old boat, Mr. Beaumont.But look Monica doesnít know that Chandler bought it, so keep quiet.


Monica:Iím afraid itís too late for that Joey!


Joey:Uh oh!


Ross:I supposed you want to tell Monica that you told Rachel that Mon has her, her, well you know her region below her belt pierced.


Joey:Ross!What are you doing?!


Monica:Joey!Whereíd you hear that?!††††


Joey:I have no idea what heís talking about!


Monica:Chandler!Chandler get out here now!


(Rachel and Phoebe join the conversation as Chandler emerges from the kitchen.The rest of the guests are staring at the group)


Chandler: Whatís the matter?Are you ok?


Monica:Does Ms. Icicle Woman mean anything to you?!


Chandler:Can we talk about this later?


Monica:Sure, right after we talk about why the whole world knows that I pierced my, my, well you know what!


(cut to across the room)


Judy:What did she pierce Jack?


Jack:Her nipples?


Judy:Oh my God, I think Iím gonna faint.


(cut back to the group.Ross notices Phoebe is laughing)


Ross:I wouldnít laugh too hard Phoebe, Joey also told Rachel that you pierced your nipples!


Phoebe:So?I like the way they look.I have fabulous nipples.


Ross:Did I cover everything Joey?


Joey:Donít forget about Rachelís secret.


Rachel:Donít you dare Joey!


Joey:Rachel calls her vibrator the Big Mean Plunging Machine.


Rachel:Youíre a dead man Tribbiani!


Phoebe:Well that was fun.Now everyoneís mad a Joey.


Rachel:Furious is a more appropriate word.My parents are here for Christís sake.


Phoebe:Well I donít think we should let Joey off the hook.I think I should share with you all the dirty little secret Mr. Tribbiani has been keeping from us all for the past eight years.


Joey:Donít do it Phoebe!


Phoebe:You shouldíve thought of that before you told everyone those secrets.


Joey:Phoebe please!Iíll do anything!


Ross:Out with it Phoebe.


Monica:Yeah, I wanna know now!


Chandler:I hope itís not what I think it is.(Phoebe whispers into Chandlerís ear)Yeah, itís what I think it is.


Rachel:What is it Pheebs?


Phoebe:Joey was born with only one testicle. Heís half the man you think he is.




CHANDLER & MONICAíS APARTMENT (Everyone is present.Joey is in a big wooden box)


Phoebe:I think thatíll keep him locked up for the night.


Rachel:So how long is he staying in there?


Ross:Not long enough.


Monica:What did we agree on?48 hours?




Chandler:Thatís some serious time to do some serious thinking Joe.


Phoebe:What if he has to go to the bathroom?


Monica:Heís got bottles to pee in and a small trash can to do the other business.Heís got it easy, we even gave him a flashlight so he can do all that accurately.


Rachel:Goodnight Joey.


Monica/Phoebe/Ross:See ya Joey.


Chandler:Iíll check in on you in the morning Joe.


Joey (thinking everyone but Chandler has left):Hey Chandler?


Chandler:Yeah Joe.


Joey:You didnít tell them the other secret did you?


Chandler:The one about Janice?


Joey:Yeah. Iíd be totally embarrassed if they found out that I slept with her.


Chandler:Donít worry about Joey, your secret is safe with me.


(The others exit laughing)


Joey:Oh no!