The One with the Fan Fiction

In late October 2002, Warner Brothers asked Eric Aasen's CFSI site to remove the scripts of Friends episodes that he had painstakingly transcribed and been hosting.

Eric had also been hosting nearly 500 "fan fiction" stories on his site, which are no longer easily available for online viewing (Eric does maintain a link to a ZIP file of these stories, however).

This site serves to mirror those fan fiction stories (except for those stories removed at authors' request and some new stories people have submitted). None of the material here is mine (although I do have this idea where Ben's in Central Perk 20 years from now talking w/ his sister Emma and friends Leslie, Frank Jr Jr, and Chandler...).

I'm working on improving broken links and other problems with this site (the mirroring process wasn't perfect, so things that may have worked on Eric's site may not work on mine), so please bear with me. Of course, if you spot an error, please let me know.

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